THERAPIE’S “HEAL ME” KIT by Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Much-revered aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s latest HEAL ME KIT has been dubbed “a heroic collection of immune system saviours” and if you like the idea of reducing the number of times you rush off to the nearest pharmacy at the first hint of a cold or infection, chances are you’ll love the foursome that makes up Michelle’s newest set.

Originally launched as an anti-viral antidote to the winter blues and winter bugs, it’s like your very own 4-pronged attack against coughs, cold, travel bugs – any bugs. And, marathon runners take note, sore muscles.

Michelle has assembled a potent array of ingredients across this kit – there’s lemon thyme, peppermint, elderflower, liquorice, arnica, frankincense, camphor and lots more.  Essential oils and plant extracts to calm inflammation, soothe “heat”, strengthen, reduce fatigue and generally get you back to “you” if you’ve got that “I think I’m going down with something” feeling.

So much thought, knowledge and healing “alchemy” goes into Michelle’s award-winning products (Vogue named her one of the Top 10 aromatherapists in the world,) that it figures that she also formulates for a number of top end brands.

Whether you need soothing, reassuring, an energy boost or fortifying support, there’s something in the Therapie collection to help you get there.

If Therapie is new to you, and you fancy dipping in, Michelle’s really useful try-me sizes will be calling your name…!




In Michelle’s own words…

The Heal Me Kit – ‘your first line of defence’

Size: 30ml, 15ml, 55g, 30ml

Modern life has it’s ups and downs and our busy schedules can sometimes extend us physically and mentally. The results can have a debilitating effect on both our energy levels and immunity. Chronic stress can often cause a depressed immune response. Introducing a quartet of superheroes to support our weakened bodies when they’re most vulnerable. Packed full of immune boosting, sinus clearing and decongestive ingredients to support, comfort and strengthen when run down.

Protect Bath & Body Oil: This potent synergy offers a first line of defense when feeling run-down or coming down with the flu. It will support your body when it feels depleted and fragile.

Comfort Warming Rub: This unique rub is magical, a multi-tasking star that has a wealth of uses, whether comforting a sore chesty cough or soothing away muscular tension or simply to rub on your third-eye before you meditate.

Pure Candle: This beautiful healing aromatherapeutic fragrance not only heals and cleanses the environment  – it creates an ambience of calm and tranquility too.

Strength Fortifying Tea: An enriching and fortifying tea brimming full with potent herbs to reduce catarrh and congestion and helping to strengthen the lungs and build energy reserves.


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