Alarm clocks for your eyes: MAGIC STRIPES

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If hooded eyelids are not your thing, these could be! Launched by makeup artist Natalie Franz who’s worked with Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift among a host of other celebs, Magic Stripes are clever little strips that prop up – and really open up – your eye area.  Fab for showing off a summer blue eye shadow or for an immediate and urgently required wide-awake appearance.

Although they’re far from a beauty essential, they do work really well – in fact better than I’d expected. The little crescent moon stick-ons “stripes” are easy to put on and come in different widths. And you can’t see them on (I thought you would) because they’re transparent.

There’s no way I’d wear them every day, I’m probably just not vain enough (!) but they’d be brilliant for a big event or important meeting. When I peeled off the first “crescent moon” I thought “hmmm?”. By the time I’d applied the second one I thought “wow?!”

Here’s the Magic Stripes story from Natalie herself at

MAGIC STRIPES come in packs of 64 Stripes, in 3 sizes (widths)

Small, Medium or Large, £18 each and they’re #notjustforwomen


Over to you Natalie…!

“My name is Natalie Franz and I have been working as a make-up artist in the fashion and music industry for over 15 years. I love my job and know what you can achieve with small beauty tricks. I have the honour and pleasure to work with extremely talented people such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peas and some of the best photographers as Steven Klein, Ellen von Unwerth, Karl Lagerfeld and many others.

Above all actors, models and musicians put high value on their appearance, but without the help of talented make-up artists it would not be perfect.
Looking for new inspirations and techniques, I came across a product on one of my trips to Tokyo. The women there use it to lift their eyelids and thus to zoom the eye optically. In Asia large, round eyes are seen as an ideal of beauty. 
Out of curiosity, I immediately tried it and was amazed by the effect.
With a few easy steps I looked fresher and years younger. Since then I have been using them daily and also use them for my clients during photo shoots, fashion and stage shows.
The feedback was so positive that I decided to put the product on the European market.
I had the idea to find more of these kind of innovative products that didn’t exist on the european market so far and that I would love to use myself, products that help to reach amazing effects with only small efforts. During my 15 years of work as a make-up artist I learned to see what was missing on the market. Magistripes would only be the first product in the range.
The idea for MAGICSTRIPES was born.
As a mother and independent artist I travel a lot and often have too little time for me, which of course leaves it’s marks. The MAGICSTRIPES products help me to look better. 
With the help of our products every woman can visually correct imperfections and can thereby not only look fresher and younger, but also feel like it. You can avoid surgery and the associated risks but achieve the same effects.
Every woman has her secrets- I want to share mine with you!”
Big difference


2 responses to “Alarm clocks for your eyes: MAGIC STRIPES”

  1. Tammy says:

    Hi, I am sorry but this has been around for years in Asia, and for £2 max! I am so so shocked at the price they think they can/should charge here, rip off!

    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      You are right about Asia and – as Natalie herself says in this post, yes they originated in Asia. I don’t think you can expect Asian prices in the UK – different marketing, different market, etc. etc. Or…hop on a flight to Asia?