ONE AVEDA CANDLE = One Year of Drinking Water


£16 will buy you Aveda’s Earth Month 2015 Candle but long after its 27 hours of burn time ends, you’ll be providing a year’s drinkable water for one child in Madagascar.

So as they say, if you only buy ONE candle this month…get this one.

Aveda’s Earth Month campaign lasts until the end of April, they’re donating 100% of the price of this candle (not “proceeds” – the entire RRP) to the Global Greengrants Fund, and to give you an idea of how much change they’re making, since 1999 a whopping $38 million (£25.8million approx) has been raised  – $32m. of that for clean water, the most basic human necessity on the planet alongside oxygen.

In fact, Aveda’s Light The Way candle alone has raised $9 million since 2006.

Last year, Aveda raised $6 million (around £4,100,000 or 5,590,000 euros) with their amazing Earth Month drive.

So maybe you’re after a housewarming/birthday/anniversary/new baby/get well soon/treat yourself/thank you gift for spring, and hovering between a box of chocs, a reed diffuser or something pretty for the kitchen…why not plump for this candle, it’ll keep giving drinkable water for 365 days, what a great feeling that would be.

Join the campaign on Twitter at #AvedaCleanWater @AvedaUK and @Aveda (USA)

Candle notes: 100% natural soy/plant wax.

Scent notes: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang

Imagine how much human distress we could alleviate through beauty, if campaigns ran like this all the time – our makeup and skincare essentials on a permanent give-back loop!


THE NEW EARTH MONTH 2015 CANDLE, £16 – 100% is donated when you buy before 30 April

Two years ago, we supported @JustADropUK @JustADrop and there are a growing number of water charities about – as this is such an urgent problem now – including @WaterAidUK @WaterAid 

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