An Homage to Oud: Honey Oud by FLORIS


Over 300 years ago, Juan Famenia Floris created his first fragrance and recorded the formula in a large leather bound book. He continued to craft individual blends for his distinguished customers which he and his wife Elizabeth sold in their shop, and every new fragrance was meticulously recorded in Floris’s precious book.

All of these original fragrance notes have been preserved in Floris London’s vaults at 89 Jermyn Street, passed down through each generation of the Floris family, providing inspiration for their new fragrances created today and for generations to come.

One of the newest creations to steal our hearts is Honey Oud

 Winner, Best Men’s Fragrance, 2015

Beauty Shortlist Awards

“Floris has given oud an exquisite twist – dripping with honey against dark agarwood with notes of deep rose and warm vanilla, Honey Oud’s contemporary homage to this precious wood translates beautifully from Mayfair to Marrakech”


Honey Oud is available at

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(Sold out recently on the Harrods website, now back in stock)

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: bergamot, honey
Heart notes: oud, patchouli, rose
Base notes: amber, labdanum, oud, musk, vanilla


Honey Oud opens with a gourmand accord of English honey and vanilla which combine to add a velvet softness to the oud oil and accentuate the rose at the heart of this complex fragrance. 
The exclusive fragrance is created with oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood. This oil is among the most expensive in the perfumer’s palette – with deep qualities found in no other oil. It is an opulent, deep sensual note that combines beautifully with rose and sandalwood.
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