Supermoon, eclipse, 1st day of spring, International Day of Happiness and the Awards…what wasn’t happening last Friday?

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What wasn’t happening on Friday? Here’s a recap of some of the fun bits. Enjoy!


Early start for awards day at 5am, still dark but excited about the first day of spring – just 4.5 hrs till the 9.30am eclipse

Way too early for breakfast so a few drops of Sarah Chapman’s SKINESIS (“very early”) MORNING FACIAL (Winner, Best Facial Elixir 2015)  to start the day.

First winner – OSKIA!



By 9.25am the whole of the UK and Ireland were buzzing about the eclipse.

While Professor Brian Cox tracked it live on TV,  unable to magically make the clouds part in parts of Britain, Innocent Drinks provided the breaking news on Twitter

innocent drinks





If you were bored with your job on Friday, Friday was a good day  to look for a new one…




Time for another eclipse update:

eclipse 1

After the eclipse had been and gone, it was time to celebrate International Day of Happiness…

NEOM Organics Happiness Candle wins Best Luxury Candle #therearenocoincidences

neom happiness

We’d been wondering who’d win Regal Gentleman’s Spring Bundle since they launched the comp weeks ago…? Lucky Mr Smith!

By 10.30am Twitter goes a bit nuts with awards celebrations. While Liz Earle scoops multiple wins, Best Lipstick goes to one of the brands you probably wouldn’t think of first when it comes to makeup – M&S, for their Matte Velvet Lipstick

(their eyeliner and mousse foundations are amazing too)

100 awards for Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (yes, we checked!) – not sure if ours was number 100 or 101 – what a hero product!

hot polish liz earle

There’s a Men’s version too

winner logo liz earle

The awards were such a close call this year, there were a few ties….

“free from” nail brand Zoya and Switzerland’s Mavala tie for BEST NAIL BRAND

Pretty quickly, started looking like a “second home” for a lot of the winning brands

– Aurelia, T.LeClerc, Neom, New CID, Antonia Burrell…the list went on and on #brilliantbeautyedit


Multiple winner Neal’s Yard was a popular one – Winner, Best Face Balm (Wild Rose Beauty Balm), finalist for Best Sustainable Brand and Winner, Best Natural/Organic Brand

neals yard

Soon, the sun came out and as the day sped by, after inhaling a late lunch plate of risotto, it was almost time for tea…

Repeat: #therearenocoincidences

 Yep. JustBe’s BeHappy Tea wins Best Health Blend on International Day of Happiness


Yes – Hey Spring, Welcome Back!

A cloudy, eclipse-unfriendly start has morphed into a bright, sunny afternoon that brings a few surprises…


American men’s grooming blogger AJ gets the most votes for Regal Gentleman’s Men’s Grooming Blogger of the Year Award. RG whittled a boat load of entries down to just six brilliant finalists (5 British!)

US 1 – UK 5 oops, no…US 1 – UK 0.  (By the time we got to the men’s grooming, matchsticks were holding our eyelids up after the 5am start.

blogger rg

As the day unfolded into late afternoon, more and more winners found out they’d won…


Earlier, the eclipse had broken the boiler and by now our fingers could hardly type fast enough…

time to take a few deep b r e a t h s and celebrate ila’s worthy win with a cup of green chai tea


By 7pm we were ready for a sit down (not!) – wine o’clock was calling and so was an award-winning bar of JustBe’s Be Energised chocolate.

chocolate1 (1)

To be or not to be…dark choc with rose oil and crushed rose petals? Erm, or the white choc with raspberry? Might be the cardamom one that tastes like luxe Turkish Delight….

OR…pop open a bottle of bubbly with Brit brand Bee Good? Their Honey and Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water beat off stiff competition from French pharmaceutical co’s.  It’s not always about the big brands 😉

bee good

But the best way to sum up the day, courtesy of double winner Collagen Shots, was this pic.  One cloudy eclipse, lots of awards, the first day of spring, a supermoon, International Happiness Day and a whole weekend ahead!

As Regal Gentleman put it, “only 364 days till you have to do it all again”


It’s not just Anna Wintour who loves big sunglasses…

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