Why we (really) rate…AMELIORATE




MyShowcase have just revealed the latest brands to become part of their beauty stable and Ameliorate is going to put the cat among the pigeons in the body lotion stakes. Ameliorate’s founder Annette Luck had KP – keratosis pilaris (that goosebumpy “chicken skin” condition) – and when she couldn’t find a product to deal with it she came up with her own.

But you don’t have to have KP to love Ameliorate (!) From the first application, there was clearly a visible difference. It feels like a glycerine-based body lotion, in that it is light and creamy, and leaves skin looking smoother but here’s where Ameliorate’s USPs really kick in:

a) the effect is incredibly long-lasting;

(b) it’s brilliant on your shins, if you have a tendency to dryness there – and delivers a really healthy sheen, almost a shimmer effect,  it’s like a silky smoothing drink for rough, dry skin;

(c) partly due to the alpha-hydroxy component, it has a compound effect, so the longer you use it, the better the results. (“d” would be there’s nothing else out there quite like it.)

“The best ideas always come from the heart. The founder behind this brilliant concept pursued her quest to create a remedy for a skin issue she had and knew many others did, too.  Mission complete.”

                                                                                 – KATE SHAPLAND, Co-founder, MyShowcase.com 

This is one of those products that exists in a league of its own and now, hot on the success of the Body Lotion, Annette has launched her new Skin Smoothing Shower Cream and Skin Smoothing Body Mitt and, cross fingers, the range will expand soon…

You can read up on it at MYSHOWCASE.COM where you’ll find all three AMELIORATE products. The Body Lotion is £27.50/200ml and the Shower Cream is the same size, priced at £15.

As always, MyShowcase are on it,  filtering out the best-performing, freshest lust-have products in fast-inflating beauty market, so check out the other launches for SPRING/SUMMER 2015, too, including a beautiful candle brand from Spain and  some fab self-tanners by Vita Liberata.




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