THE SPA SHORTLIST: LONDON agua Bathhouse & Spa at The Mondrian, London SE1


Stefanie Adams set herself a stiff challenge in February, yoga every day – and not one sip of wine!

So a bliss filled evening at the Mondrian’s agua Spa was one of the highlights of the short month that lingers longer than most of us would like it to, when she booked a Custom Guru Massage and the spa’s Signature Soveral Facial…

Radiant Relaxation at agua Bathhouse & Spa, Mondrian London

30 days of yoga and no wine. That’s the challenge I set out for myself in February, a month when wine-craving levels are at an all-time high and chilly early morning strolls to yoga classes seem a bit masochistic. What would the outcome of these 30 days be: would I become more flexible, lose weight, or finally be able to do a handstand? And most importantly, how would my body feel?

Sore but strong, is the answer.

The shining light at the end of my yogic tunnel was a visit to agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London at Sea Containers. When faced with one chatturanga too many, this is what would pop into my head: the idea of a lavish aromatherapy massage and facial in a brand-new, much-lauded luxury spa.

So one spring-like March evening, body aching but spirits high, I headed to the Thames and navigated my way into the luminous underbelly of the Mondrian. The décor is reminiscent of the interior of a ship, all meandering pathways and dim lights. I had booked a Custom Guru Massage followed by a Signature Soveral Facial, both the offerings of one of my favourite skincare brands, Soveral.

After a relaxing visit to the ladies-only steam room (gents have their own), my therapist Trillian guided me to the treatment room. Soft lights, huge bottles of essential oils, flickering candles, soft music: a blissful environment, a healing apothecary.

Spa Treatment Room

Trillian began by asking me how I was feeling, to assess which blend of oils to use. To my response of “stressed and sore”, she mixed a heavenly concoction of fennel, frankincense and lavender. The massage that followed was exceptional; gone were the knots, tension and heaviness in my shoulders and back. By the time we moved on to the facial, I was in a deep place of relaxation.

If you’re a skincare junkie, book yourself in for a Soveral Facial – I’d be surprised if you don’t make it a monthly ritual after your first experience. A lavender-laden cleansing milk, oh-so-soft balm, refreshing floral mist (containing Neroli, which I consider to be the queen of all oils), Volcano Ash mask (full of intense peppermint), a pure honey treatment, moisturising oils and expert facial massage techniques. The result? The cleanest, softest, most glowing skin.

After a delicious cup of lemon tea, I walked across the Thames feeling lighter and infinitely more calm. If you’re in need of some deeply-healing relaxation time, head to the Mondrian and enjoy a treatment or two. Stress dissipates at the door and you’ll emerge refreshed, radiant and deeply nourished.

Bonus: you get to take home a bottle of the bespoke aromatherapy body oil blend used in your massage!

agua Bathhouse & Spa at the Mondrian London (near the OXO Restaurant)

 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD
020 3747 1000

agua Spa at the Mondrian London


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