THIS WEEK I’VE BEEN…(last post till next week!)

Happy Birthday to all the Pisceans reading this (hence the fish pic!). They say you should celebrate your birthday doing something you’ve never done so I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before, to Sagres at the farthest end of the Algarve’s western cape, where the wind blows hard and the surfers come for the waves and end-of-the-world scenery. I’ll do a post with lots of pics about it when I’m back next week.

Before I head for the airport, here’s a “This Week I’ve Been…” for March.  Spring is just 19 days away now, and so are the 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards, so please join us for all the excitement on Friday 20 March!

Till next week, have a good one, and enjoy the glorious Sunday sunshine today. x


1. Listening to Yogi Cameron, supermodel turned yogi and ayurvedic teacher. So much of what he says really resonates with me about keeping life simple, being the editor of your life (aka don’t follow the herd, we’re the same in some ways but we are also extremely unique), I’ve been glued to his YouTube videos. If you’ve ever wondered what your Dosha is and what you should be eating to balance your system, there’s a quiz on Yogi Cameron’s website at  I’ve never eaten ghee but after listening to him, I think that’ll be on the list for when I get back from Sagres – it’s a brilliant anti-ager (we need good fats and oil and ghee, from butter, provides it.)

2. Sitting in the sun (fleece jacket on!) having chai tea breaks.  For a quick fix for proper chai tea, I brew up a cup of Tesco Finest Chai Tea, add hot milk (till it goes a medium caramel colour), add a few cardamom pods and sip in the sunshine.

3. Cutting out dairy.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, I’ll never give up dairy completely, probably, but goat’s cheese and goat’s milk yoghurt are better for us than cows’ products so I’m phasing out the cheddar, brie and parmesan – just not buying it again.

4. Enforcing my “stop by 7pm rule” – no emailing/working/nothing after 7. I get more done early in the morning and with summer coming the last place I want to be is working late in the office.  There are lots of good ways of prioritising emails and making the most of the 8-10 hours a day we have, so I’ll share some tips you might find helpful after the awards!

5. Getting up earlier (ties in with Yogi Cameron, who recommends getting as much very early morning sun as we can to soak up its healing qualities) which also helps with No. 4 – getting more done!

6. Trusting. Last month almost everything I wanted to plan/make happen, didn’t! When that happens it’s just a big sign that things will work out in their own way and their own time, we can edit our lives but we can’t direct them completely because life, the universe, has other plans. Accept, don’t force it, have faith and go with the flow.

7. Keep it in the day.  My friend Claire always says this (her other good one is “it’ll be grand”).  When things are difficult or you can’t see the wood for the trees, you’re worried about tomorrow, just KEEP IT IN THE DAY.

8. Counting down the days to Spring! February is to the year what Wednesday is to the week – hump month.  Hasta la vista February, hello March and a very happy birthday to anyone with one this week!

What are you up to, how do you celebrate spring? Tweet me at @BeautyShortlist or let us know below.

Have a good week! I’ll Tweet some pics from Sagres xx







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