ZOYA 5-Free Nail Polish – SPRING 2015


Zoya’s Spring 2015 “Delight” collection is a dream. If you prefer a free-from nail polish, they’re pro quality, 5-free, long-lasting and there’s a brilliant little kit with a travel size nail polish remover, “Hurry Up” express dry nail drops, a sun-fade protecting top coat and basecoat.

The nail polish remover doesn’t just sweep off polish effortlessly, it “preps” nails for a new polish application and leaves them looking a bit whiter. The ridge filler is good too. But enough prepping and whitenening…what we want is C-O-L-O-U-R!

So – good mood alert- feast your eyes on these.

They’re all BIG5FREE: No Formaldehyde, No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor, No Dibutyl Phthalate, No Toluene

I would call this the 5-free nail brand for Dior, OPI and Nails Inc lovers, price approx. £8.95 each, here’s the whole collection in its multi-mood, multi-coloured glory!  I can get away with one coat of Zoya, but two, plus a top coat gloss will set you up for at least a week, and speaking of top coats, I used to use Seche Vite, but for me Jessica Nails is better, but…when I discovered Zoya’s, I switched from Jessica. (Jessica’s lasts for ages and is brilliant for toes and I haven’t tested Zoya’s on my toenails on sandy beaches – yet! – but it’s supremely clean and glossy on my hands, so I’m liking it).

So there you have it. And here they are, along with some useful application tips and tricks.  Spring is just 21 days away. Enjoy!

ZOYA at Nailcareclub.com and other retailers

Tried it, like it

T  h  e      C o l l e c t i o n s



A hybrid between matte and glossy, no top coat needed


The Natural Deluxe 2 Collection (opaque, colour intense, creamy – I’m wearing the one on the far right this week, called Madeleine, it’s a full coverage muted rose-cream, it’s less mauve and a touch more beige than it looks in the photo and one of those shades that works from office to beach to weekends to dinner out)

These are great – Remove (doesn’t just remove, leaves your nails looking whiter and totally prepped for nail polish, then Anchor basecoat, Armor UV protecting seal-in coat and Hurry Up, speed dry nail drops. The nail polish remover is 15ml,nice little travel size, I found this at Naturisimo.com 

Entice, ZOYA’s flawless full coverage glossy creams

See them all, including the new Spring Delight Collection at UK website Nailclub.com

or…ZOYA.COM for our friends in the States



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