BRING ON SPRING with the Regal Gentleman Grooming Guide

Winter, we’re over you!

Spring has sprung upon us already and with the weather warming up a bit, we’re looking at how to keep your skin in the best condition this season.

Not only will temperatures change but the banishing cold means more time outside and exposure to the sunnier elements. Make sure to be picture perfect by summer with this ‘Bring on Spring’ guide compiled especially for you(r man) by the gents over at

….and, to celebrate the launch of a brand new season, Regal Gentleman have put together an exclusive Bring on Spring Bundle 

The complete set is £121.95 (RRP £135.50) and included in the bundle are:

Bodhi & Birch Pep Noir
Bodhi & Birch Mint The
Sothys Eau De Toilette
Sothys Shaving Foam
Jack Black Double Duty Moisturiser 

Check out their spring collection page, too, with all the products individually available as well as in the set here



Free your face from your winter beard!

Now that winter is retreating, so too can those bushy beards and ‘taches. Spring is the season to shear back your facial hair. To achieve a truly great shave use Sothys Softening Shaving Foam with moisturising Aloe Vera.

To obtain that sharp and smooth shave, apply an even layer of the Sothys foam onto damp skin. While you shave the softening foam will soothe and repair razor burn as you go, leaving you with refreshed and less irritated skin. Rinse well with warm water once you’ve finished shaving to cleanse any excess suds.

As an added bonus, Sothys Softening Shaving Foam contains Volcanic Rock which, if you’re coming back from a more coarse caveman look, will tease the toxins out of your skin.


Paired protection from dryness and UV rays

No matter the season, a good moisturiser is an absolute must. Though the spring days will be without the winter bite that quickly dries your skin, protecting it from drying out is no less important.

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturiser is ideal for spring and summer thanks to its added UVB and UVA skin protection. Use in the morning, after shaving, to take advantage of its sunscreening capabilities and again at night to hydrate your skin while you sleep.

This moisturiser uses a combination of natural plant oils, such as curative camomile, luxuriating lavender and the soft scent of rosemary, to create a lightweight skin treatment which protects from premature aging due to sun exposure.


Pump up then cool down with powerful peppermint

Gearing up for summer by getting down to the gym is one of the inevitabilities of spring and the New Year. Bodhi and Birch Mint The Bath & Shower Therapy is the perfect body balm for the modern gentleman after any exertive activity, be it running, swimming or lifting weights.

Gentlemen who love sports can get a kick of instant life back into their bodies using this therapy as a shower wash post-workout. The reviving peppermint, repairing eucalyptus and cooling coconut oil (as well as many other natural oils) deeply cleanse to resuscitate your skin without leaving it dry and taunt.

For a deeper, more relaxing use, apply to a warm bath liberally and soak.



The spring scent for a new season

Spring showers arrive to cleanse the air and resuscitate the natural world from February onwards. As spring flowers come into bloom, match your fragrance with the light and fresh air around you. Heavy, musky scents are very much an autumnal accent.

That being said, Sothys Eau de Toilette is a timeless tincture that can be worn all year round. While a lighter parfum than some, the woody accords convey a masculine aroma and a refined elegance typical of the modern gentleman.

Uncomplicated and alluring, dab Sothys Eau De Toilette on your clean skin to activate its fresh, spring notes.




Energise every atom with natural spices

Bodhi & Birch Pep Noir is the detox therapy for every gentleman. Taking the time to restore your skin, whether in a lengthy lie down in the bath or a comforting cleanse in the shower, is key to making the most of each day and keeping mind and body sharp.

Pep Noir is designed to restore the lost energy from a long week, a hard day’s training outdoors or a big marathon. Infused with white thyme, vibrant bergamot and hint of spicy black pepper, this shower and bath therapy boosts circulation while cleansing the skin and applying a warm, spicy aroma to your body. It does all this and doesn’t strip the skin of its much health and vitality.


Banish morning signs of the night before

Longer days mean more evening events, as we chase away the cold nights in favour of bright spring sessions in the pub gardens. Bank Holiday weekends coupled with all round better weather will most likely mean celebrations, partying and, yes, drinking.

To keep yourself looking as good as you feel, use Sothys De-Stressing Eye Roll On. Whether you use it day or night-or both, the rejuvenating roll-on will help to combat those tired eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

This light gel works immediately, giving your skin a post-party perk up the morning after. Ophthalmology tested, the refreshing remedy can be used even by those with sensitive eyes. Simply apply a light amount under the eye and massage with fingertips from inner eye to temple. For best results, swipe the De-Stressing serum on before any other products.

Settle into spring with restful sleep (even on warmer nights)

The warming spring day may mean that you aren’t shivering yourself to sleep, but many can find the warmer nights uncomfortable. Tossing and turning all night, searching for the coolest side of the pillow won’t leave anyone feeling refreshed the next morning.

Bodhi & Birch Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy can be used either as a shower scrub or a soothing bath oil, when added liberally, to quiet the mind and help you to get to sleep.

This carefully balanced therapy encourages restful slumber using calming jasmine, which relaxes muscles, while red mandarin and honeysuckle provide sweet aromas.

Each carefully selected oil, ointment and tincture has been chosen to refresh your skin and awakening your body as we moved into warmer weather.

So set yourself up for the spring season with Regal Gentleman by picking up the Spring Guide Bundle

from and using this handy guide to make the most of each product.


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