Great gets better: 001 Skincare’s NEW Dual Action Active Marine Concentrate launches 16 Feb


In barely a year or so, the awards and consumer and beauty editor love for Londoner Ada Ooi’s 001 Skincare capsule collection have flowed in like a continuous stream of endorsements that Ada’s science-meets-nature formulas really hit the mark.

I tested her Active Marine Concentrate near the Sahara, in a dusty, dry Moroccan half-way-house town where my semi-Celtic skin gulped for refreshment in the scorching low 10% humidity. It felt like the minute I sipped from my Sidi Ali water bottle, the dry desert air would suck the sips out of me.

I had about 5 moisturisers and an array of SPF50 products with me, to see which could stand up to these extreme conditions. Only one skincare product held up for my normal-slightly dry skin (the others were fine in the UK but no good in the dry desert sunshine).  The hero was 001’s Active Marine Concentrate, Ada’s liquidy elixir/serum and I just heard it launches next week with two new active ingredients, so here’s the scoop!

“I created this formula to act as a hardworking dose to plump the skin tone by intensively stimulating collagen under the skin & brighten the complexion using proven anti-oxidant ingredients to neutralise the oxidising sources we face every minute living a modern lifestyle.”

Ada Ooi, Founder & CEO of 001 Skincare London



001 Skincare is giving away a FREE 15ml bottle of the original Active Marine Concentrate formula

with every online purchase until Feb 15th

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The NEW ‘Superstar’ Actives are:

CQ10: a powerful antioxidant with scientifically proven results which assists in repairing environmental damages and regeneration in the skin

Raspberry: rich in omega-3, flavonoids and polypeptides, the extracts of this fruit visibly reduces dullness and boosts radiance – while adding some extra antioxidant power

I’m trialling the new Active Marine Concentrate right now, which also contains all of the original ingredients including Multi-Algae actives which help create a collagen-plumping effect, increasing cell turnover and preventing depletion of elastin and collagen. Omegas 3,6 & 9 help strengthen skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier  and there are Multi-Citrus actives, Green Tea and stabilised Vitamin C in it, too – all power player anti-oxidants and skin energisers.

This Concentrate really is concentrated. Apply one drop and massage into the skin using fingertips until evenly covered. Ada recommends you massage in small circles after cleansing and toning in the morning and/or evening and you can layer it under a moisturiser.

It’s light, and quite different from a lot of other serum-style products on the market.  It’s still a favourite of mine since it saved me in the desert (so did La Roche Posay’s Anthelios SPF50 for the face, I think it was the lotion!) and the other good news is that Ada’s launched an airport-friendly 15ml size, too, so you can try-before-you-buy (the full size!)


The NEW Dual Action Active Marine Concentrate launches on Monday  – there’s a wait list already and you can check out the rest of Ada’s range (have a look at her Cleanser/Exfoliator, another one worth knowing about) at 001 SKINCARE


001 Skincare’s Intensive Elixir – one for the face oil afficcionados… 



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