SHIFFA Dubai: Basil & Mint Body Scrub


Holy maracas, if this isn’t one of the most invigorating body scrubs in the Body Scrub Universe…

Shiffa have infused Basil and Mint (you can see the little flecks of green in the pic) into this bath time cocktail of detoxifying marine minerals and Dead Sea salts and if you’re waging a war against cellulite, you’ll want this on your team.

The base is sea salt with sweet almond and hazelnut oils and Shiffa have added a splash of zesty grapefruit to help to flush toxins (the grapefruit aroma doesn’t come through as much scent-wise as the peppermint and basil which both dominate – there’s basil oil in the formula) while sensitive nostrils will pick up on the rosemary, too, which helps clear the senses and lift your state of mind.

This really does what it says, leaving skin smoothed, moisturised, exfoliated and glowing, and if you like a really aromatic (yes leave it in the bathroom with the lid off) wake-up scrub, you might want to be adding it to your save-up-for-it “Want List”.

Goes well with Shiffa’s Basil, Mint and Black Pepper Body Wash £25.


No need to fly to Dubai, it’s at Space.NK (online only)



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