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ismay currie

With this week’s blue winter skies offering a sneak peek of brighter spring days before we bare our limbs in summer, it got us thinking – what would your/our go-to body product be to prep for the warmer days ahead?

So we pinged off a few emails to four beauty industry insiders – Ismay Currie (pictured above) at, Emma Leslie at, SaraJane Lynch, founder of The Tru Brand and Ruth Hajioff , founder of fair traded argan brand Wild Wood Groves – and asked them which would be your body pick to get you through February? Here’s what they chose…



L’Occitane Almond Foaming Shower Oil

Even just thinking about my favourite product, the L’Occitane Almond Foaming Shower Oil, makes me want to leave this desk behind and hop into the shower. It’s a deliciously rich oil that transforms into a lightweight and moisturising milk upon contact with water, and it makes even rough and unloved winter skin feel divine. It also has a seriously mouthwatering fragrance of almond and apple, crisp yet indulgent. If L’Occitane produced a perfume version, I’d be at the front of the queue.





Beauty PR Executive,

My pick is definitely the Mio Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel £21 – I’ve been relying on it so much!

A recent body product discovery, and now must-have,  for me, is Mio’s Workout Wonder.  I bought this to get me through my new year’s fitness regime and to avoid sore legs, and it really works!  It’s great to apply before the gym, or even on your neck and shoulders mid afternoon if you’re flagging for a pick-me-up.


Check out this month’s Editors’ Beauty Picks at





Founder of award-winning argan retail boutique Wild Wood Groves

I love Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil.  I’ve used it for years and it was my inspiration for creating a rose absolute facial Argan. Rose is so uplifting and I love it especially in the darker winter days when it reminds me of summer.


SaraJane is the founder of the new award-winning natural skincare capsule collection The Tru Brand

Pukka Castor oil & Coconut oil, together they create a real deep conditioning emollient and both oils have so many skin benefits, they are never far from me. The key to great skin is moisture – one of our Skin Commandments.


Holy Grail Moisturiser, one of the new beauty heroes by The Tru Brand

If simple but effective is your kind of skincare routine, check out the rest of SaraJane’s range online at, now available at selected stores including Fenwick and Arnott’s







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