Everything’s coming up roses at A Beautiful World this month – they’re celebrating the flower of love with 10% off selected rose-based products when you enter ROSE10 at checkout at the moment.

But why is rose such a prized skincare ingredient? The 17th-century English physician Culpeper wrote that red roses strengthen the heart and back in the day, fresh roses were macerated in warm oils to produce fragrant pomades in ancient India, Greece and Egypt.

Nowadays, most rose otto is harvested and produced in Bulgaria, while Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech is the hub, if you like, of rose absolute.  Rather like argan oil, rose essential oil is insanely costly to produce, incredibly time-consuming and labour intensive but that makes it all the more precious as an elixir-style drink for skin.

Anti-inflammatory, it’s a good ingredient to look for if you’re dealing with rosacea (rose+rosacea!) and the team at A BEAUTIFUL WORLD sum up more of the benefits of Rose Beauty  HERE

We’re in a rose mood too, this week, so for a dash of February fragrance inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite “roses” at A BEAUTIFUL WORLD…which would be yours?




Blow those Feb blues away with the pinkest of pinks.

“Free from” nail brand INTENSAE has launched a brand new shade called Assam, especially for A Beautiful World’s founder Liz McCarthy.

Rose with a warming twist meets the Himalayan Bath Salt effect.  Goodbye insomnia, hello dream a little dream…

We know and love MULONDON’s Organic Rose Foaming Face Wash

..if you l-0-v-e the feel of a foamy facial wash and like  that ultra-clean/squeaky clean sensation, this delivers

One for the handbag.

Marble and Mildweed’s Organic Rose Lip Tint/Balm.

There’s more at A BEAUTIFUL WORLD


…make a Rose Mint Infusion (because infused natural waters are in this year)  Click on the pic for the recipe.

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