NEW: GREEN PEOPLE’s Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15


3 words: Worth The Wait.

Green People’s new Age Defy+ DD (Daily Defence) Tinted Moisturiser (£34.95) arrived today and it’s a good one.

Better than good, frankly, for a number of reasons and I’m a pretty big skeptic when it comes to natural foundations and tinted moisturisers v. the Diors, Estee Lauders and Shiseidos of the world. I find that for natural brands it’s tough to compete with the big higher end mainstream brands on texture, blendability, flawless coverage and all the other boxes that need ticking when it comes to finding the right BB, CC or whatever cream but Green People have got a LOT of things right with this new product – it’s out now in two shades, Light and Medium. I love it.


 Shade: Medium (the one I tried this morning, which is less pink than it looks here and more like a  very light golden-ish glow)

What’s so good about it:

1) SPF15 (personally I’d go for an SPF30 but I think this is fine for our British winters/springs and in summer I’d be using a stand-alone facial SPF30-  and SPF50 abroad – anyway). SPF factors in tinted moisturisers are a nice plus but you shouldn’t technically rely on them, the trick is to find a good facial SPF and wear that as well. (Whole other subject – new blog post!)

2) Here’s where it really wins points: texture (glossy, not too fluid/messy, blends in like a dream, nice coverage, very “second skin” – as in “you…but on a good day”).  I have a few redness issues in winter (part of my overall allergy to the entire season in Britain) and just one quick application of the Medium shade totally dealt with that, it evened out skintone fast and flawlessly. And it’s light and comfortable on.

3) Glow factor.  Charlotte Vohtz, founder of Green People, said when she created the Age Defy+ range that it’s “dedicated to delivering radiance, clarity and vitality” and GP have used cutting edge botanicals designed to improve the complexion and skin tone through your 40s, 50s and 60s (and forever after!) This tinted moisturiser was glowy without being shiny – a huge plus, for me, there is a difference between a subtle natural glow and looking like you’ve fallen into a vat of Greek olive oil. And the Medium shade wasn’t too pink, it’s more like a very light tan shade.

4) Moisturising factor: key ingredients include cotton and linseed oils for longer hydration effect, Sea Fennel stem cells (reduces age spots, instant hydration boost), Natural Minerals for blendable colour and SPF protection, Sweet Almond Oil and Spanish Needle which stimulates collagen synthesis to help enhance how well skin regenerates itself. When I saw the ingredients I was a little wary that this TM would veer a little into “oily land” but nope – again Green People have hit the sweet spot. Moisturising and not in the least bit oily. Perfect.


Shade: Light 

5) 98.4% natural ingredients, 13% of the ingredients are from Organic Farming, Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.

The last time I was this excited about a tinted moisturiser was when SUKI’s (natural) Tinted Active Moisturiser landed on my desk but it keeps selling out and the medium shade I use is so often out of stock that I think they need to sort this out, I gave up looking for it at one point. (SUKI’s won a Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Tinted Moisturiser in 2013 – you can find it at Bath & Unwind among other retail sites).

Price-wise, Green People’s new DD tinted moisturiser is £34.95 for 30ml while SUKI’s is £49 for 40ml.  I’d say Green People’s pips SUKI’s by a whisker for coverage and “glow factor”, it left my skin looking a bit more dewy/radiant, plus the Green People medium shade suits my skintone a fraction better – although SUKI’s is another very “second skin” style texture and is also super light.

If you like the sound of Green People’s NEW Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15 you can try-before-you-by with these (excellent idea) two sachets for 50p which obliterates the uncertainty of buying online – add these on to your next Green People order if you’re up for trying a new tinted moisturiser. The only thing that could make this product better would be more shades down the line and perhaps an SPF30 rather than 15, although that’s not a huge issue for me because I often use a stand-alone SPF anyway – Radical Skincare, Bioderma and La Roche Posay are the ones I alternate with.

I’ll be buying another when this one runs out (you can apply a second layer if want more colour/glow…)

For me, this is going to be one of the tinted moisturisers to beat this spring/summer.

This one really is worth a try.

Test drive the minis first…the 50p trial sachet duo

The NEW Green People Age Defy+ Tinted Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF15 comes in two shades, light and medium






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