CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN DAY 7: MEL MILLIS limited edition Christmas Boxes



Cultures and countries all over our planet have been using local plants, sea extracts, grasses, herbs, berries, flowers, crystals – even extracts of tree barks and woods – to beautify, nourish and heal themselves for longer than we’ll ever know. A lot closer to home in the Cotswolds, Tracey Foy, founder of multi award winning new organic English brand Mel Millis’ is doing exactly that.

So say hello to a really unique brand (see her clever plantable gift bags, below!) which we think you’ll want to add to your brands-worth-knowing-about shortlist this season – that is if you haven’t fallen in love with Mel Millis already.



Sow the seeds of love with gifts that give again…look closely and you can see the Christmas Tree seeds embedded into the recyclable gift bags – Alan Titchmarsh would love them!

In the space of mere months her bespoke-feel skin therapies have made it into the pages of Land Love magazine, Stylist, 7 Dials Magazine, Natural Health, Modern Spa mag and more, spreading Tracey’s belief that we are all healthier and more beautiful both inside and out when we “garden our bodies” with all the goodness, energy and balancing powers of phyto active plant-powered remedies from the fields, seas, trees and hedgerows around us.


“Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close To Nature, It Will Never Fail You”  

– Frank Lloyd Wright​

You’ll adore Mel Millis’ mini gift bags, embedded with wildflower seeds, with a new twist for Christmas as they’ve turned green (this time dotted with little Christmas tree seeds – you simply plant the bag in the ground and wait for your  mini crop of wildflowers or little spruces to show) but it’s Tracey’s cutting-edge intelligent plant formulas that really sold us on this brand when we first tested it last year.

Mel Millis Organic Phytonutri Skincare complete range

Results-driven natural skincare: The Mel Millis “modern organic” Phytonutri Capsule Collection



Mel Millis has just brought out two special limited edition Christmas Boxes  for the winter holiday season – here’s what’s inside:

Limited Edition Phytonutri Daily Discovery Gift Box, £88.95 (value £149.95)

Wrapped in a signature black box, the Daily Discovery box is designed to make a beauty lover’s Christmas complete. It’s packed with Mel Millis’ most popular products, including the four favourites from the Phytonutri range:

– Her beautiful Phytonutri Daily Cleansing Oil, specially formulated to remove excess dirt, pollutants and pore clogging oils from the epidermis

– The Neroli Hydrolate Mist Tonic, to balance the pH levels of the skin and allow the cells to stay hydrated at optimum levels – brilliant for centrally heated offices or if you sleep near or spend a lot of time on that cosy sofa next to the radiator.

– You also get Mel Millis’ award-winning Phytonutri Neroli & Baobab Re-Energising Face Oil, which boosts lacklustre skin,and a set of 3 Organic Muslin Cloths.

– And to celebrate the festive season, the box contains a complementary Frankincense & Myrrh 100ml Body Oil (worth £48), whose mystical notes are inspired by this magical time of year.


“Nature Uses Human Imagination
To Lift Her Work Of Creation
To Even Higher Levels”

                                                                            Luigi Pirendello

unnamed (13)

The limited edition luxe set: Phytonutrient Qi Skincare Essentials Gift Box

Then there’s the ultimate luxe set for Mel Millis and glam green beauty fans (shown above):

Limited Edition Phytonutri Qi Skincare Essentials Gift Box, £225 (value £275)

Presented in an elegant gift box, this set contains all four products from Mel Millis’ recently-launched Phytonutri Qi range. The Qi line is rich in nature’s finest powdered ingredients, supercritical arctic extracts, bio-active oils and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin at optimum health and radiance levels and provide long-lasting results.

The Essentials Gift Box includes Mel Millis’ favourite Phytonutri Qi Plankton Skin Remedy, a captivating powder-to-paste cleanser, as well as the Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel, a sumptuous once-a-week mask for luminous, glowing winter skin.

Other products include MM’s signature Phytonutri Qi Enriching Sea Plant Jelly, a revolutionary all-natural moisturiser rich in anti-ageing hyaluronic acid (aka “HA” – literally one of THE best skincare ingredients on our planet – we actually produce it in our own bodies, it’s a fantastic moisture-retainer to help stop skin drying out!) along with sea plant algae, and the Phytonutri Qi Enhancing Arctic Essence, a luxurious serum to smooth, freshen and plump skin by stimulating cells.

The gift also contains a beautiful porcelain mixing vessel, designed exclusively for Mel Millis by ceramicist Emma Clegg. The elegant vessel is designed to be used with the Skin Remedy and features a wild flower motif, which emulates the Mel Millis mini gift bag, which have wild flower seeds embedded in their carton paper (replaced by Christmas Tree Seeds for this winter holiday set).

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travel trios

The Travel Trio £45: All organic – The Daily Cleansing Oil + Neroli Hydrolate Mist Tonic + Neroli & Baobab Re-energising Face Oil

Mel Millis in the PRESS


Check out Mel Millis’ GARDEN YOUR BODY NUTRIENTS LIST (including a guide to how each ingredient works)

Follow Tracey’s garden your body tips and all the latest Mel Millis launches on TWITTER @MelMillis

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White lab coats on! Here’s the brilliant science-meets-nature bit…

The Organic Phytonutrient Plant Extracts In Our Skincare

What are Phytonutrients, why is Mel Millis’ extraction method better, and why are they so vital for skin?

These are thousands of organic chemical constituents found in the plant kingdom, and with some plants containing in excess of 300 phytonutrients, they are the supreme rejuvenating, repairing and detoxifying agents provided to us by mother nature. 

Mel Millis’ phytonutrient plant extracts have been obtained using a certified organic patented extraction process, performed in high tech laboratory conditions.

This cutting edge extraction method works without the use of high temperatures commonly used in steam distilled extraction. This helps to preserve the valuable constituents of the plants without altering their molecular composition.

Whilst other extraction methods leave behind a residue full of beneficial phytonutrients which cannot be broken down and utilised, Mel Millis’ innovative extraction method allows all of the plants properties from all parts of the plant to be extracted and utilised.

This plant alchemy allows Tracey to deliver the purest and most potent phytonutrients available into her skincare products which recreate the essential synergy of the whole plant, for proven long lasting results.

About Mel Millis

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award Winner and FreeFrom Skincare Awards Bronze finalist, young British brand Mel Millis uses only the purest, freshest and most nutrient-rich natural ingredients, chosen for their ability to deliver exceptional results. The artisan line creates each of its products in micro-batches in England, without using outsourced base formulas, to produce the most healing, balancing, energising and high performing skincare products that make up the Mel Millis capsule collections.

Discover the Mel Millis collections at and 




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