Ancienne Ambiance opens its doors at 3 Cale St, London SW3

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A favourite with royalty, celebrities and beauty editors alike, Ancienne Ambiance’s sublimely scented candles are on this year’s Christmas List (for SURE) and we couldn’t finish the week without toasting to their brand new boutique in Chelsea, at Number 3 Cale Street, London SW3.


The AA team are just lovely, I have known them for a few years since one of their candles, excuse the pun, blew us away.  Then we tried their delicate, silky, subtly scented Goddess Argan Oil (which subsequently won a Beauty Shortlist Award) and this year their brand new Rose Damask Reed Diffuser was another winner for the brand (imagine having a small rose garden in your bedroom, fyi).

Now you can smell all the candles and ogle all the exquisite royal purple gift boxes (I keep business cards and notes in mine) at the new Number 3 Cale St boutique (if you’re thinking “OK where’s Cale St?”, Cale St runs parallel to, and between the Fulham Rd and the Kings Rd, not far from Draycott Place).

Going off track for 10 seconds, according to Pythagoras and the Pythagorean school, the number 3, which they called triad, is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number to equal the sum of all the terms below it, and the only number whose sum with those below equals the product of them and itself. I’m useless at maths and don’t have a clue what that means but I can tell you this brand is beautiful, noble and very bespoke and their gifts don’t even need wrapping.

Different bath flavours…stock up for uninterrupted bathing during nippy night season

My personal AA favorites include: The new Ancient Ambiance Fig Christmas candle (their candles burn evenly, and forever), Goddess Argan Body Oil Spray, the Rose Damask Reed Diffuser, the Lavendula Bath Salts, but there’s so much to discover it’s worth popping by.

They also do Travel Sets and sizes, which would double as lovely little stocking fillers at this time of year.

For their beauty gift selection see ANCIENNEAMBIANCE.COM

And here’s that new deep, woody and delicious Winter 14/15 FIG candle I was just raving about!

Have a lovely weekend. X


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