KIEHLS Ultimate Man Kit (and there’s a “Hers” version, too)

kiehls ultimate man kit

I used to think the Ultimate Man was rich, dark and distinctly continental…a bit like the coffee I was drinking at the time.  Now, I know he’s funny, kind, protective and trustworthy…among other good things.

Speaking of good things – and men – here’s Kiehls’ Ultimate Man Kit, spotted at House of Fraser today, as the Men’s Grooming categories in our 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards have been in the limelight this week and we’ve been looking at a lot of men’s brands lately. By popular request, it’s the first time we have a Men’s section and we have an exciting announcement in the pipeline about the Men’s Grooming awards…coming soon.

Not only is this wash bag cool, designed by artists Craig & Karl, it comes in just under £30 at the relaxing price of £29.50.  

What’s inside?

You (or he) will get a Facial Fuel Cleanser 75ml, Facial Fuel Moisturizer 75ml, Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub (15ml) & Ultimate Strength Hand Salve 75ml.

Maybe we should have an Ultimate Man Award in the 2015 Awards? A hero who’s overcome exceptional difficulties, gone beyond the call of duty to help others in some way…or just stood by his other half through a series of challenges…?  Food for thought, what do you think? 

So there you have it: Kiehls Ultimate Man Kit, our very first Men’s Grooming pick for this Christmas.

Want one? There’s a “hers” version, too.

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