The Mini Lip Glacé Set by Laura Mercier (John Lewis)


Laura Mercier’s Mini Lip Glacés (as in “glacé cherries” which are back in vogue big time thanks to Great British Bake Off) are not that easy to find at the moment. (Space.NK had a set of four on sale and they sold out).  But you’ll find this fab five gift set online (£35) at John Lewis.

There’s nothing better during the holiday season than an elf-size lip gloss you can pop into your clutch bag for the round of parties coming up and this set offers a great spread of shades from deep winter pinks to ice queen pastels.

You’ll find these little lovelies on the John Lewis website here:

Laura Mercier’s Mini Lip Glacés – Gift Set


Now over to John Lewis for the “info bit”

Give lips extra sparkle, gloss and shine with a sampler of five mini Lip Glacés ranging from Bare Pink to Pink Pop. Each one is beautifully presented in a charming box, making this set ideal as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Application: Using the wand applicator, glide Lip Glacé all over lips. Apply a light layer for sheer coverage or layer again for more intensity.


  • Pink Pop
  • Wildflower
  • Tulip
  • Bare Pink
  • Angelic

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