MEN WE LOVE: Marc Ching, founding herbalist, VALIA SKINCARE

VALIA SKINCARE hit our radar a few months ago when it arrived on British shores at – another great beauty find by purveyor of exquisite natural brands Liz McCarthy who runs ABW and travels the world looking for great beauty finds.

So we were fascinated and delighted in equal parts when we got the chance to chat with Valia’s founding herbalist, Marc Ching recently.  We asked him about what this gorgeous green LA-based brand with its unique Japanese heritage is all about and what it is about VALIA’s “fusion of ingredients” that sets this brand apart.


VALIA, just launched in the UK at A Beautiful World

VALIA is a skincare (and supplements) range designed to work at the deepest, holistic levels and if you’re tempted to try a product, enter VALIA10 at checkout to receive 10% OFF your purchase.

But a quick “aside” before we get into the interview…I’ve tried the clean, translucent, glycerine, aloe, green tea, Vitamin C and Yuzu-based Purifying Facial Wash  and liked it a lot. I think this would be a really fantastic cleanser for city skin, it removes every trace or urban grime in the gentlest possible way and it’s designed for all skin types, including blemish-prone complexions.  It left my skin with that “ultra-clean”, fresh feeling but without a hint of tightness.  I tend to prefer a cream cleanser in winter but this was so gentle and hydrating I’d happily replace any of the cream cleansers with the Purifying Wash in frostier months when central heating can really suck the life out of your skin.

Expert herbalist Marc Ching at work

Marc is known for transforming not just his clients’ (and A-Lister clientele’s) skin but their lifestyles and sense of wellbeing.  Here, he shares his secrets to flawless skin, the best way to deal with stress and his advice for a good life (we’re in).

Here’s the interview…enjoy!

The Beauty Shortlist meets…

Marc Ching, founding herbalist at Valia Skincare


1.  Marc, as Valia’s founding herbalist you’re known amongst the Hollywood A-list crowd as the conduit to transforming not just your clients’ skin – but their bodies and entire lives as well.  What’s your starting point when someone comes to you, and why do you think your approach works so well?

I am a strong believer in healthy eating. I feel that what we put into our bodies is everything. I try to emphasise this as best as possible. I often tell people, a chemical is a single isolated element meant to react with a single pathway within our body.  Food is hundreds of elements that react with hundreds of pathways in our bodies. So if a chemical medication like Benadryl can do one thing, think of what eating the correct foods can do for you. It can completely change your skin, your body – and your life.

VALIA founders Mario Kimball and Takako Niwa

2.  Stress seems to be Enemy No. 1 for so many of us at the moment.  What would you “prescribe” for someone who is overloaded with work, emotionally stressed and physically heading towards burnout – as lifestyle advice and which Valia products would be a good place to start, for them?

Stress is a huge problem for many. Being overly stressed, or having bad stress management practices, can create health issues and problems in itself. For many people, I recommend a supplement called Adrenal Essence. It helps manage the adrenal gland naturally which in effect impacts the way we deal with stress and anxiety. More so, I encourage people to identify their stressors. For many, a lot of their stress has to do with not loving who they are, and living within their own bodies. For these individuals, I help them to change the way they feel and look by working on them internally. I push them to start juicing and to start working on changing the things about them they do not like, offering them lifestyle advice.  In regards to Valia products, I recommend our immune boosting and skin enhancing supplement, Bloom, to boost overall health and wellbeing.

3.  We had to ask this one!  Which is your favourite Valia skincare product and health product and why?

I am a fan of the Purifying Wash. It is gentle, and works well with my skin. I also use it on my son, who has had problems with Eczema, and externally it has worked well. Internally, I take Bloom twice a day, and have for some time. I use it as preventative care in my life to safeguard from ailments as I age and as an Immune boosting agent.

“Yuzu is my ultimate favourite infusion within Valia

skin care products, it cleanses and detoxifies

within the pores of the skin”


4.  Two Japanese ingredients we haven’t heard of before – Hato Mugi and Yuzu – feature in Valia’s formulations, why are they so important? 

Hato Mugi is a tall grain-bearing tropical plant native to South East Asia that has been used for centuries as a medicinal and beauty remedy to enrich the dermis of the skin. In our skin care line it’s an essential ingredient to help moisten surface skin cells and increase structural integrity. Culturally, salves were made out of Hato Mugi and used for people that had acne, skin disorders, burns, and to enrich and restore skin elasticity.

Yuzu is my ultimate favourite infusion within Valia skin care products. I think this is what sets us apart from competing skin care lines. Yuzu cleanses and detoxifies within the pores of the skin. It is anti-microbial and anti-fungal in nature, which helps people that have skin problems like dermatitis, acne, or Eczema. More so, it helps our Cleansing and Purifying wash to leave your skin with that crisp clean feel.

“Most of us fail to realise the best thing about having a

choice is that on any given day – we can change”

5.  If you had to sum it up in a few sentences, what would be your advice for a good life?

If I had to give advice on how to live a good life, it would be, to realize how lucky we are as people to be alive and to be able to breathe. Everyday life and freedom gives us a chance to change any part of ourselves that we do not like. So many people out there are depressed and unhappy. And really, most of us fail to realise the best thing about having a choice is that on any given day – we can change.


Valia celebrates every person’s individual beauty and is focused on creating products that follow the principals of the Japanese holistic and ritualistic lifestyle. Unlocking the secrets of the East, Valia believes that every person has the potential for beautiful and luminous skin at any age. Adopting traditional remedies, we can preserve ourselves better and have more radiant skin. Our products are carefully crafted using time tested effective ingredients.

Valia believes enduring beauty occurs when the skin is allowed to blossom into its full potential. Like the rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony created centuries ago, a tradition seen as both indulgent and graceful. It is a lifelong commitment to create skin that glows from the inside out. It is our commitment to you to unlock your potential for beautiful skin by revealing the wisdoms of the East, combined with the finest, natural ingredients and backed by scientifically studied remedies.


Explore the VALIA range of skincare and supplements (try the Purifying Facial Wash!) at:




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