SEWLOMAX and Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Beauty goes pink every October but what I find disappointing is how little a lot of brands actually donate to the various Breast Cancer charities.  50p, £1, 5 or 10% is a drop in the ocean – unless it’s 10% of a big price tag.

I know how big the profit margins on most beauty items are, so Breast Cancer Beauty campaigns can end up being more a way to promote your brand as “philanthropic” (short arms, long pockets syndrome?) rather than about really making a difference.

But along comes Emma Lomax with her cute limited edition fuschia Pink Lipstick Pouch (RRP £25) and for every one sold between 15 Sept and 15 Nov, she’s giving almost 50% – i.e. £12 – to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

I should add that I have her Beach Hut Wash Bag (£30) on my dressing table.  My bright yellow bag is beautifully made, immaculately embroidered, lined in bright pink, and surprisingly huge.  Big enough for a boat load of beauty crammed into it…and I can still zip it up (just).

Somehow I’ve managed to stuff/hoard/acquire a large body lotion, four 50ml hand creams (hand cream hoarding alert!), 100ml tube of SPF, a deodorant, a messy mix of mascaras, eyeliners, nail files, a hair brush, lipstick and lip glosses,  three eye cream pots, various nail polishes,  a full size self-tanner and perfume, a travel shampoo and a 50ml pump of one of my favourite (new) day creams – Super Grape with reservatrol which is one of the new Pure Natural Beauty Super Grape range at M&S (review coming later this month).



Emma’s designs are quite magical and she can embroider your or a friend’s name on the one you like, too.

See them all at SEWLOMAX.COM


2 responses to “SEWLOMAX and Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. Katie Jenner says:

    What a lovely little post for a good cause! I am desperate for a new make up bag, and I can never find any that are the magic combination of pretty, perfect size, and practical. It’s so great to see bloggers and brands get behind this really important cause! It inspires me to do spread the word! xxx

    • Beauty Shortlist says:

      Oh how lovely – agree with you and Emma Lomax’s donation is such a generous one, almost 50% which is why we wanted to feature it x