ROGER & GALLET – now 1/3 OFF at!


There’s a 1/3 off sale at Escentual at the moment so now’s the time to add to your Roger & Gallet stash!

If you’ve never tried their Fragrant Water Sprays, how would we describe them? Probably…very French, modern and true to their name. So the fig smells like the essence of Mediterranean fig and the Bois d’Orange is rather like the fragrance version of a thick Seville marmalade – deep, succulent and full-bodied with all the feelgood factor of a citrus.

Some of the others are out and out feminine and more romantic – like the Fleur d’Osmanthus (I know Emma at Escentual loves this one!) while the Bois d’Orange works well as a daytime unisex scent.  I’ve got the mouthwateringly juicy and semi-exotic Rouge Gingembre and the  Bois d’Orange, bought in the sale a few weeks ago.

French, uplifting, adorable and affordable…the Roger & Gallet range is 1/3 OFF at Escentual throughout August


The Roger & Gallet collection comes in body lotions, hand creams, soaps, shower gels and shimmering body oil sprays so you can layer away to your heart’s content.

These don’t have the staying power of an expensive perfume but at £10.66/30ml in the sale (and around £21 for the 100ml) now’s the time to stock up and these do delivery a beautiful “aromatherapy hit”.

To give you an idea of the prices the 30ml hand creams are £4 and the shower gels which are  now £6  for 200ml which is an absolute steal – start stockpiling for Christmas…!

I’ve tried the Rose, Fig, Osmanthus, Eau des Bienfaits, Bois d’Orange and the Rouge Gingembre but the Cedrat (citron) is calling my name at the moment, that’ll be the next one.

Buy an R&G fragrance at Escentual and they’ll send you a free makeup bag and body lotion (I think it’s while stocks last? Need to check!)














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