Cup of tea and a catch up? Williamson Tea’s BREAST CANCER PINK LOVE ELEPHANT


It’s gone from iced tea to pot of tea weather almost overnight! With the chill of autumn now in the early morning air I’ve been trying new teas over the weekend from Williamson Tea’s Mini Cru selection (more on those below) and spotted their special Breast Cancer Pink Love Elephant caddy in John Lewis on Friday – it’£9.50, beautiful, and £1 goes to the charity.

A nice idea if you’re looking for those £10 or under gifts (and their Snowflake White Elephant Caddy is a lovely one for winter/Christmas if you haven’t seen those?)

All the different and special limited edition elephant caddies are on the site here.

Love makes the world go round.  

£1 from every Pink Elephant caddy sold goes to BCC (Breast Cancer Campaign)

Speaking of elephants, did you watch the Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon movie Water For Elephants on Channel 4 yesterday? If you haven’t seen it, it’s a gem of a film with some really touching moments and Rosie the elephant is such a big, gentle, amazing star!  HERE are the actors talking about the film and why cruelty to animals is hands-down inexcusable on any level.

…but back to the tea!  I had a bit of a tea fest on Saturday and Sunday and here are some of my favourites from the range:


Unique, uplifting and soothing

Earl Grey with Blue Flowers is one of the Mini Cru premium teas range, a delicately scented tea with blue cornflowers from Williamson’s Kaimosi farm in Kenya


Zinga Black: Lively, robust and from their Zinga Farm in Kenya

Williamson’s Duchess Grey blend – Dusk Lilac Tea Caddy (black tea infused with aromatic citrus oils)

I love this tea in the afternoon, it’s a good pick-me-up

lifeboat tea

With winter on the way, and stormy seas ahead, one of Williamson’s teas-that-give-back, their Lifeboat Tea, has raised over £100,000 for the RNLI – already!

A B O U T     W I L L I A M S O N    T E A

“We are a family owned business
with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas.
We care deeply about our tea and the people who grow it.

Unlike other tea brands, we are tea farmersAll of our teas are grown
on our own farms in Kenya, which means we can control the
 quality of the product

all the way from the tea plant to the cup.

We only use sustainable farming methodsand we ensure all our people work in good conditions and earn a decent living.

Our Tea farms are 100% UTZ and
Rainforest Alliance certified” 

One of the tea farms – this one is Tinderet, high in the Rift Valley 


The Williamson Tea Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of modern, dynamic agriculture without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same unique conditions that Kenya offers tea farmers today.

The foundation invests in farming models that are productive, resilient and resource efficient for the future, with a long term, holistic and evidence based approach to constantly improving our farming system. It has invested significantly into renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic and hydro-power systems, whilst actively seeks to encourage climate smart agriculture, carbon sequestration and conserving water, soils and other natural resources.


The tea farm at Tindaret, high up in the Great Rift Valley



One of Williamson’s most picturesque farms and the source of some of their finest teas, Tinderet (above) nestles at 7,500 feet above the Great Rift Valley, and is surrounded by miles of indigenous forests. Tinderet is home to over 3,000 people, including the farm workers and their families, all of whom take pride in the quality of the teas they have been harvesting since the early 1950s.

Teas from Tinderet are used in our finest speciality teas, delivering exceptional flavours and a delightful golden colour.

PS: I’m not a fan of green tea – much as I wish I liked it!! If you have any tea blends you love, please let me know as it would be great to find a green tea to sip on these cooler autumn mornings – any ideas? Leave it here – thank you! x




taste the difference





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