Today marks the launch of a new award – Beauty Shortlist LOVES – to honour “exceptional essentials”; products that are outstanding value (price : quality : efficacy); and also the innovators, the game-changers. The products we really think you would love too – or need? – in your bathroom cabinet, handbag or by your desk.

Only 2 products a month will receive the new award so it’s no mean feat that two British start-ups have earned the LOVES Award for August.

Both TRU and The Little Soap Company were founded by sole entrepreneurs SaraJane Lynch and Emma Heathcote-James – two incredibly hard-working women who constantly put in a lot of hours and have overcome a fair number of obstacles along the way to launch two totally different natural beauty brands.




The two that made the LOVES list for AUGUST are:


T H E     T R U    B R A N D

Holy Grail Facial Moisture  by the TRU Brand, founded by Scottish entrepreneur SaraJane Lynch

– now at Fenwick of Bond Street

Why do we love it? This is an extremely calming suits-all-skins moisturiser full of natural ingredients including Camelia Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, vitamins, antioxidants, cucumber extract, silky natural silicone derived from millet, and sodium hyaluronate, the most effective humectant on the market. A lot of thought has gone into this formula and it’s rich enough to be very nourishing, light and gentle enough for any sort of skin.


SaraJane Lynch

“I am very honoured and extremely proud to be part of this new award – Beauty shortlist LOVES – and for our Holy Grail to be recognised as the hero moisturiser was a special moment for me. It was designed to be the go to facial moisture for all skin types”

– SaraJane Lynch



T H E     L I T T L E     S O A P     C O M P A N Y


The Little Soap Company Organic Peppermint & Poppyseed Soap Bar, created by Emma Heathcote-James

– on the shelves at Waitrose, selected Tesco stores, Warner’s Budgens, Booths…and now Boots!

Why do we love it? All of the soaps in Emma’s range are good but this one has become our morning shower staple, with its skin softening coconut oil and fresh wake-up peppermint – and the tiny poppyseeds, like mini natural exfoliators, made it a favourite!


Emma Heathcote-James

“My aim from day one was to make pure, natural soap accessible to everyone and that of course includes the younger generations too…hopefully the Peppermint & Poppyseed bar is bringing a new audience to soap counters up and down the country and getting everyone back to basics. What we rub into our bodies ends up in our bodies which is we so passionately believe less is more and only to use the best top grade oils we can find….!” – Emma Heathcote-James


Look out for SEPTEMBER’s two Beauty Shortlist LOVES products which we’ll be announcing early next month!














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  1. Pamela Hunter says:

    So happy for TRU …

    A fantastic young woman with such passion and energy. This product is incredible