What’s your (skin) problem? Join our SKIN CLINIC Q&A with Emma Coleman

What’s your skin problem? Whatever it is, we’re delighted that Emma Coleman, founder of Inner Soul Organics www.inner-soul.co.uk and one of the experts at Get The Gloss steps in today for a special SKIN CLINIC!  (You’ll find her on Twitter @InnerSoulOrg).

From spots (cue the night before your wedding!) to dry patches and from bikini nightmare cellulite to stubborn rosacea, we’ve probably all had a flare up of one kind or another – but what’s the best way to deal with problematic skin and what causes it to “misbehave” in the first place?

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We asked Emma for her expert take on dealing with the skin problems that can plague us either seasonally, when something stressful is going on in our lives…or simply because we have the type of skin we were born with. Here’s the low down on what the problem is, what to do about it, and what’s worth trying as a remedy…

“It’s important to deal with not just the skin issue

but the stress triggers, as well” – Emma Coleman



Problem: Over-reactive sensitive skin

What causes it? Does your skin or ‘purge’ when you try a new skincare product? Break out in eczema, psoriasis outbreaks, unexplained rashes or redness? These are all symptoms which point to overly-sensitive skin, affective about 50% of women in the UK and US alone. Stress tends to go hand-in-hand with these skin reactions, so it’s important to deal with not just the skin issue but the stress triggers as well.

Try: Using natural products with chamomile and lavender in them.  They’ll boost immunity to protect against future reactions whilst actively calming skin.

Tip: Raspberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed extracts have powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe away red, angry areas on the face.  Try dotting sweet orange essential oil onto a hanky and keeping beside the bed to help calm the nervous system whilst you sleep. Make a calming mask: You can also make a soothing natural mask (recipe here) at home, using porridge oats mixed with honey to calm irritations AND…reduce or cut out caffeine, refined sugar and pop a Vitamin C supplement, these can make a big difference!


Problem: Hyper-pigmentation

What causes it? Hyper-pigmentation can start as early as your 20s. It manifests as a brownish discolouration on the skin’s surface (which is actually the skin’s natural melanin showing through). Many people experience this on the forehead and across the cheeks and, as we age, it can become more prevalent. It can also be linked to diet and hormones.

Try: Wearing a hat AND a daily high SPF sunscreen together – this is the best prevention during the summer months. Using a natural glycolic peel with lemon and tomato juice will also help face any discoloration whilst promoting new cell production (here’s the recipe)

Tip: Avoiding soya-based food products helps lower the chance of further breakouts.


Problem: Rosacea (editor’s note – we get a LOT of questions about this at The Beauty Shortlist, it can be a hard one to tackle!)

What causes it? This is seen as a red – sometimes raised – flushing of the face, especially across the nose and cheeks, occurring when the blood vessels within the dermal layer of the skin become dilated over long periods of time. A main culprit, again, is stress – I’m sure we’ve all felt our skin change when under pressure – although this can also be a hereditary issue.

Skin flushing and rosacea often go together

“The main thing to achieve here is balance of the blood supply,

so try to avoid caffeine and alcohol”

Solution: The main thing to achieve here is balance of the blood supply; avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Try: Skincare with extracts of Helichrysum, Marshmallow Root, Cucumber and /or Calendula. These will all work to soothe redness and inflammation, whilst calming the circulation down.

Tip: Yoga, mindful walking, meditation or another “inner soul” method to relax your mind and body and incorporate these regularly into your life.


Problem: Acne and Scarring

What causes it: It is well documented that hormonal imbalance can lead to acne, but this doesn’t necessarily give us the tools to deal with it. Our pores are constantly at risk of getting blocked by dead skin and sebum (skin’s natural oil). When this leads to infection, acne forms.

“Some studies have shown that reducing yeast in the diet – bread being a main culprit – can also protect against acne formation”

Solution: If you are naturally prone to acne, cleansing and exfoliation are key in preventing formation. Using products to cleanse containing lemon and  / or tea tree oil extracts will deeply refine the pores. Interestingly, some studies have shown that reducing yeast in the diet – bread being a main culprit – can also protect against acne formation.

Try: For acne infection, honey has profound anti-bacterial qualities and can be applied directly onto the face, as can a Green Tea and Slippery Elm mask (recipe), which has been shown to reduce pimples due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Tip: Tamanu Nut oil is a fairly new discovery in the treatment of acne and its scarring, but is already making waves as it has proven itself in calming pimples and also reducing the look of scarring.



Everyone’s bikini nightmare!  Give cellulite a run for its money with Inner Soul’s Circulation Boost Body Oil


Problem: Cellulite

What causes it: When fat cells close to the surface layer of skin become enlarged, they give our skin’s surface the image of being lumpy. If you have cellulite you are by no means alone, with 90% of women and 10% of men affected. Although women naturally have a higher fat content in their bodies than men, cellulite formation has nothing to do with how much we weigh, but how our individual bodies store fat beneath the skin, and this is often inherited from our parents.

Solution: Prevention tips include drinking at least 1 litre of water daily, body brushing, (in upward strokes), moisturizing daily, and cutting down on refined sugars and saturated fats in the diet.

Try: Using a body scrub on the area daily to reduce cellulite visually, along with regular exercise focusing on affected areas – for instance taking up cycling for thighs and bottoms will build muscle and burn those pesky fat cells.

Tip: Choose products which boost circulation and reduce water retention naturally – rosemary, fennel, lemon and geranium extracts are particularly beneficial.


Problem: Enlarged Pores

What causes it: I have decided to include this as I speak to so many women trying to control this issue. Enlarged pores tend to occur alongside oily skin types and their appearance can become more prominent as skin loses elasticity.

Solution: As with many issues, cleaning and exfoliating the pores is important. Products to balance skin’s sebum production will also help to prevent oiliness

Try: Since Rose Geranium and Lemon Peel essential oils both calm over-active sebum glands, why not try our oil control face wash recipe (here).  Extracts of Thistle, Rosehip and Blueberry Seeds also help to reduce the look of large pores by encouraging cell renewal, and Patchouli essential oil naturally elasticizes skin.

Enjoy FREE shipping and a complimentary 30ml organic body oil when you spend £20 or more.  And we love the fact that Inner Soul gives back!  Emma donates £1 to the Katie Piper Foundation for each luxury organic skincare product purchased.



About Emma

Emma founded Inner-Soul Organics after creating tailor-made natural skincare for her aromatherapy clients and seeing genuinely positive results firsthand. The skin is an organ like any other in our bodies, and Emma would like to lead you on a little journey into skin, how it works and why nature’s harvest will nurse it back to health!

Emma says, “There is a staggering range of ingredients available to all of us through nature, offering a safer way of looking after our skin with many extracts having abilities to equal and even surpass the results from using a manmade product any day!”

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