“Today’s consumer is always ON, 24/7…let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of Beth”…I stumbled across this video by The Exchange Lab via Twitter – it’s a brand marketing company explaining how brands can better reach consumers.

“Beth is the consumer. She’s “always on and always connected”. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Beth” 

Beth wakes up using her phone as an alarm, scans through FB before getting out of bed, watches breakfast TV and does a quick weather check…on the bus she’s checking email on her tablet, over lunch she does virtual window shopping, in the evening she watches videos, picks up a few digital beauty tips, then TV and in the perfect end to her frantic digital day, she checks Facebook again in bed right before going to sleep.  I’m sure there were more things Beth did digitally in her digitally busy day but my brain is blurred after watching her hectic life played out by the brand marketing company.



To me this seems like insanity.  Beth’s so-called always ON life is my idea of a nightmare and just watching the video made me feel slightly queasy.

Call me a dinosaur but my Atlantic blue Moleskine journal/planner arrived today so I can practice my handwriting instead of my typing.

I’m taking the weekend off to smell the flowers, read real books made from paper and get as far away from my laptop and phone as is physically possible without entering another country.


Maybe it’s my time in Morocco earlier this year, where things move more slowly and people actually talk to each other instead of texting, and the tiny minority can afford an iPhone. Yes Facebook is really popular there but teenagers aren’t glued to it.   Even the food is slow. Tajines take forever to cook and argan oil takes longer than forever to harvest and produce.  And there isn’t a McDonald’s to be found within 200 km of Essaouira although there is one in Marrakech.

We live in a Formula 1 world in London, New York, Rome and Paris (fill in city here) and I think we’re going to pay a price if we don’t get off the whizzing hamster wheel soon – health wise and mentally, and possibly also emotionally.


Yes, there are so many advantages to social media and living in a digital world, but I predict and if I’m honest, am secretly hoping for a backlash.  It’s already starting to happen – there are luxury resorts in the States where you check your iPhone in at reception and don’t see it until you check out, where there’s no WiFi and you pay for the privilege of switching off.

We’ve had Slow Food, Slow Beauty and it looks like the Slow Life movement has already started.

After a week of horrendous deadlines, too much to do in too little time, I’m going to sit down this weekend and find a way to change my days.  And I’m not even a mum!

Get me onto the Slow Life bandwagon please (pulled by a very slow donkey) because I don’t want to wake up one day and realise I’ve spent the second half of my life in a virtual, digital world, even if it is part of what I do.

I saw something today predicting a 40% increase in loneliness by 2030 because elderly people are getting more and more isolated because of the internet.

So have I joined the old bag/Luddite club, is there a sweet spot in between, or do you think our fast-paced digital world is a good thing?

I’d love to hear what you think! x






3 responses to “THE SLOW DOWN LOW DOWN”

  1. Geraldine says:

    Love this … just love it!

  2. tatjana says:

    Dear Fiona,

    I very much appreciate your thoughts and I wish a wonderfully slow and digital-free, relaxing weekend to you! I also enjoyed your interview with the lyonsleafs – a truely slow, handmade sympbrand… with yummy healthy calendula, wonderfuel 😉 THX so much for being where you are, bringing out this hommage to a vital life on so many levels.

  3. Dear Fi,
    I’ve just read your wonderful article and feel very drawn to comment. While I am in no position to judge how another person chooses to live. I know I could never live a life where the digital takes up the main percentage of the day. I have to admit Facebook is something I have never wished to be part of and I am one of those very strange people who has no TV. Like you I prefer my books in paper format and that goes for the newspapers too and I still write down all appointments etc in a diary.
    Twitter is the only social media I interact with and to be honest the best thing about it is the friends I’ve made who I regularly meet up with to exchange ideas and talk about life.
    I think if we can all become more aware of how our lifestyle choices are affecting us and learn what it is that nourishes us in life we shall all be a lot happier. This evening I went for a very long walk in Hyde Park and at a certain point I took my shoes off so I could feel the grass under my feet. Silence is a great rejuvenator. I’m all for more of it!!!