THIS MONTH WE’VE BEEN LOVING…the under £20’ers


Kicking off with British brand BRYT Skincare’s ‘spritz on a cotton pad, sweep off everything’ Remove – Eyes & Makeup, £10.50Designed for younger skin, this girls/boys range is based on a simple, do-able Cleanse-Nourish-Protect system.

And as much as we love it, the sun’s ageing rays are skin enemy No. 1, so it’s never too early to use a moisturiser with an inbuilt SPF – BRYT’s day moisturiser has an SPF15.  Explore the rest of the range at

stratum c

Clean, green and engineered for more mature skin, Stratum C’s Skin Gentle Cleanser £19

Teenage skin and menopausal skin are probably the two most problematic stages in the life of our skin and on the other end of the scale, Stratum C’s Gentle Cleanser, designed to optimise collagen production (which plummets as we age, causing skin to lose its elasticity) is another keeper.  Formulated for all skin types, including oily, the texture is beautifully “clean”, it’s a super-light, glycerine-feel gel you can lather into a face cloth or one of the Konjac Sponges we’ve also been loving lately.  It has a nice, “clean” ingredients line-up too: Purified Water, Sodium Olivate, Glycerin, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Eriobotrya (loquat), Japonica Extract and Irish Moss Seaweed Extract (to help keep skin hydrated).

le soft perfume

Le Soft Perfume’s light, in-flight friendly scent sticks are fab for summer

BeautyMART sent us the yellow one, Lucky Bay, and we liked it, full of nourishing Monoi butter and a light, summer-is-here-to-stay aroma of citrus, flowers and sea breezes.  Tres handbag friendly and fab if you don’t want to haul your 100ml scent bottle here, there and everywhere this season.  Discover the other Le Soft Perfume scent sticks, £20 each, at BeautyMART.

Four different jet-set sets from Pai.  Bon voyage and bonne idee!

Things that float (y)our boat: travel and trial sizes would be among them, probably?  There’s no better way to play with beauty when new beauty comes in small sizes and once you’ve fallen in love with a mini you can graduate to the full size. Without wasting your money on a full size which, if it’s a “miss”, is destined to spend the rest of its shelf life in darkened solitary confinement in your bathroom cabinet.

Why don’t more brands do sample and travel sizes? Who knows, but thankfully pioneering sensitive skin brand Pai have just launched four travel sets which we heard about today, packed with 3 of their beauty heroes in mini travel sizes (and more than a few Beauty Shortlist Award winners in the mix!)

Their brand new Anywhere Essentials sets target four frequent skin concerns:  Instant Calm, Perfect Balance, Age Confidence and Pure Hydratio. Each set, £20, comes with an organic muslin cloth.

noble isle travel trio

Noble Isle’s smart travel trio, with 2 x Perry Pear hair products (shampoo/conditioner) + 1 x Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel

From Noble Isle, this trio of 3 x 75mls in one rather smart freshen-up travel set comes in just under the wire at £19.50.

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  1. Katie Jenner says:

    So glad to see one of my fave beauty blogs has written this! Love the Bryt Skincare range. I haven’t tried the makeup remover yet, but I have tried the foaming face wash, the Boost serum and the daily moisturiser. All of them smell divine and are really reasonably priced. Was very impressed! (I don’t usually plug my own posts on other folk’s blogs, but if anyone is interested here’s my review of Bryt skin care: