RIGHT ON THE SPOT: WELEDA’s 100% natural Aknedoron duo

As you know we test 99.9% of the products we feature, and we haven’t tested Weleda’s two-step acne treatment yet, but as we absolutely swear by this brand – and get a fair share of questions about acne and breakouts – we had to mention these!

As anyone who has it, had it, and never wants to have it again, acne can feel like the bane of your existence – persistent and difficult to deal. As for sporadic spots, they have a habit of popping up just at the wrong moment in your life.  The day before your graduation/wedding/big date/photo shoot/fill in here… (remember that “spot” scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? We heard the long-awaited sequel will be out soon!)

All too often we “attack” acne using abrasives or detergent antiseptics to help dry things out, only to unbalance your skin, make things worse and even trigger redness or peeling (which is why oil cleansers – illogical though they sound – can work really well for spot-prone skin).

Weleda’s Aknedoron, which is a 100% natural two step system, contains:

  • ·         Organic calendula tincture – wound healing and natural antiseptic action.
  • ·         Chamomile – soothes
  • ·         Witch hazel, sulphur and lemon juice – to fight spots and pimples.
  • ·         Essential oils including SAGE – a natural antiseptic
  • ·         Thyme – anti-bacterial
  • ·         Lavender – calms irritation and stimulates blood flow.


Weleda sources its supplies of lavender oil from partners in Bulgaria, South Africa and Moldova. 

There are some fascinating lavender facts on Weleda’s website, read more about LAVENDER here

So these sound worth checking out if you want to try a natural solution.  And yes we know it’s so (so!) tempting to cover things up with a silicone-based foundation…but! Silicone suffocates your skin and all you’re doing is covering up, bandaging over the problem.

If you feel you can’t go without a tinted moisturiser of some sort, SUKI Skincare’s Tinted Active Moisturiser is super-silky, natural, really light, won’t block pores and it’ll allow your skin to breathe during the day and if you need a bit more coverage you can re-layer.


Revered by the ancient Greeks, thyme is a great healer (excuse the pun)

It’s worth quickly mentioning as well that technically you can use one or other of these Weleda lotions alone, even though they were designed to work as a duo.

WELEDA’s Aknerdoron Purifying Lotion (£9.95, 50ml vegan) and Aknerdoron Cleansing Lotion (£9.95, 50ml vegan) are available at John Bell & Croyden, Whole Foods and Weleda.co.uk 

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  1. Susie Fairgrieve says:

    This Aknedoron duo is my go-to SOS choice, totally reliable and wonderfully comforting