TAKE 5 with The Beauty Shortlist on Bodhi Luxe

The Beauty Shortlist will be 5 years old this summer and it feels like years yet at the same time ‘only yesterday’!

Luxury British brand Bodhi’s beautiful ezine Bodhi Luxe asked me to share some of the most interesting beauty finds we’ve been lucky enough to discover along the way. Here are some of the stand-outs – please add yours in the COMMENTS section! x

Read “TAKE 5 with THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST” on Bodhi Luxe here

Here’s one of them, my “focus” balm, Bodhi’s nostril-stimulating, brain-awakening natural eucalyptus, mint and other good things balm.  Dab on temples for at-your-desk refreshment (also great for “clearing the air” when you’re stuck on a flight, and I use this if I feel a cold coming on, it really clears your head).

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