Smells like Summer: The JO LOVES Bath & Body Collection

Watermelon for breakfast on a Santorini terrace…grapefruits as big as melons in Marrakech…orange blossom wafting in the breeze on a hot afternoon in Andalucia… the scent of dew-studded English roses on a promising June morning…

Flavours and scents seal some of our happiest summer souvenirs, they’re like delicious, perfumed ‘superglues’ that transport us right back to our most treasured moments.

My personal signature scent is Pomelo by JO LOVES, created by Jo Malone when she launched her own brand new venture a couple of years ago, so one of the highlights of this month was a visit to her first ever JO LOVES shop at 42 Elizabeth Street, London SW1.

jo loves shopfront

Escape the madding crowds and head to Elizabeth St for some Jo Loves “fragrance tapas” then pop down the road for a coffee or summer salad at Baker & Spice


Jo has just launched three new candles, the latest additions to her layered and single note candle collection:

Neroli Blossom, with top notes of petitgrain, orange, lemon, middle notes of rose, geranium and orange flower, on a base of amber and clove leaf.

Arabian Amber, exotic and more masculine, with hints of cedarwood and patchouli.

And Oak Moss & Galbanum which is so unique! This is a blend of sharp culinary herbs thrown over wild, earthy greens with top notes of lemon and galbanum, middle notes of spearmint and sage, on a base of patchouli and moss.

Oak Moss & Galbanum

‘ Fresh, clean and sophisticated, this fragrance embodies the qualities of Mediterranean cologne. It’s the scent I love to come home to’ – Jo


Her Body Lotions, Body Cremes, Bath Colognes and Bath/Shower Gels are just amazing – in that they’re so true to the original fragrances Jo created. The Pomelo Body Lotion (200ml/£35) is light, silky, absorbs really well and is “100% Pomelo”!

I don’t think any body lotion is going to eclipse Pomelo for me, this summer, and I have the Bath/Shower Gel as well, which leaves the bathroom beautifully Pomelo-scented after I’ve stepped out of the shower. It’s such an uplifting scent, like a sweet, zesty grapefruit with a deeper note of vetiver.


The fragrance that started it all – Pomelo 

‘Inspired by memories of summer holidays, fresh linen sheets and sparkling iced water, I surround myself with Pomelo wherever I go.

To my joy, it’s the fragrance that makes people stop me in the street to ask what I’m wearing’ – Jo

The new Body Lotions

Richer and more intense: The new Body Cremes 

If you’re in London and near Elizabeth Street (it’s not far from Sloane Square), treat yourself to a trip to the new JO LOVES shop and don’t forget to sample the “fragrance tapas” (OK I’m not giving anything away here!)  Enjoy X


Jo Malone, MBE

Originally a facial therapist, Jo fell in love with fragrance whilst working from her discreet skin care clinic which she set up from her London home. Discovering an instinctual talent for creating scented products by hand in her kitchen, word of her exceptional potions quickly spread and soon Jo was unable to keep up with demand. From these artisan beginnings Jo launched her first brand, Jo Malone London which gained cult status around the world. In 1999, Jo sold the business to Estée Lauder Companies and remained Creative Director until she left in 2006.

Jo’s passion for fragrance never ceased and when the time was right she began working on a secret project behind the scenes. After much anticipation, Jo revealed that project to be JO LOVES – an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves.

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