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Grace Fodor is the creative brains behind Studio 10, the revolutionary new “correct, conceal and contour” makeup collection that’s managed to impress beauty editors like India Knight at Sunday Times Style within just months of its launch.

We caught up with Grace this week to ask her about the art of anti-ageing cosmetics, what the lead-up to a new makeup launch is really like, and which products would make it into her minimalist, 3 items only desert island makeup bag.

Grace Fodor

Beauty insider Grace Fodor, creator of Studio 10

And before we get into the Q&A, we should quickly mention that QVC have Studio 10’s Age Defy Skin Perfector palette (in the pic) at an exclusive price of £28  – a £30 saving on the RRP of £58 – so, if you’ve been eyeing this clever palette, now’s the time to grab yours. It comes in a choice of two palettes: Light/Fair or Medium/Dark.

You get:

  • 1 x Age Defy Skin Perfector Palette (7.6g) – features a primer for fine lines and enlarged pores, essential colour correctors to help hide redness or dark circles, and two concealer shades for perfect colour matching. Mix two shades to create your own custom colour
  • 1 x Double-Ended Concealer Brush – features a tip, tapered to a point, for ultimate precision in hard-to-reach areas, and a wide flat brush for larger areas like under eye circles or uneven patches of skin

Now at QVC

mel sykes 1

Somebody’s happy!

Mel Sykes at the Studio 10 launch 

(photo: Alan Davidson)





1.       Studio 10 only literally launched in March yet  India Knight, in Sunday Times Style, calls your revolutionary makeup range for skin 35+ “genius”.  What was it about Studio 10 that she particularly liked?


I think it’s because she feels that makeup has finally become ‘age appropriate’.  There are a lot of anti-ageing products in beauty, whether it be skincare or home treatments; I was even reading about an anti-ageing hair care product the other day!


While there are makeup products boosted with anti-ageing ingredients, there isn’t a dedicated range for women as they age.   I felt there was more needed than just adding in ingredients, and  specifically to conceal, cover and correct the signs of ageing: problem solvers and professional fixes.  I was really interested in how to use the aesthetics of makeup to give you a ‘facelift without the surgery’ and as part of my daily makeup routine.


2.       The range includes correcting, perfecting and structuring makeup; contouring plays a big role in the range, as well as a clever set of double-ended defining and brightening pencils and – a blogger favourite – the Age Reverse Lipliner with an  innovative double ended pencil with a natural ‘lip shade’ that shapes and minimizes feathering and a unique ‘flesh’ tone for an instant plumped lift.  

If you had choose THREE products – only! – to take to a desert island, which would yours be?


I’d definitely take a really good suncream with broad spectrum coverage; I read that 80% of age spots and hyper-pigmentation is down to UVA damage.  I’m loving EltaMD which I found while I was in NY recently!


I’d take the Age Defy Skin Perfector. It’s an all-in-one kit that corrects and covers all the ‘tell tale’ signs of ageing:  fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, dark circles and redness. It’s got everything I would need; primer,  colour correctors as well as two concealer shades. They’re ultra creamy, great coverage and not chalky at all.

And then I would finish off with the Visible Life Face Definer.  It’s the ‘makeup facelift’ kit, or as someone said, ‘spanks for the face’! It’s got a a sculpting powder to define, shape and contour the face (perfect shade that’s not too orange or bronze, and no shimmer!), a gel-creme blusher that gives a gorgeous youthful flush and highlighter to lift the features.

Oh, and I would take my husband as he’s the cook in the house! Well much better than me!


india knight

“Three clever little kits that make a huge difference…I defy anyone to use them and not look great”

 India Knight – Sunday Times Style 


3.       How long did it take from the moment you conceived Studio 10 and wanted to create this range, to the day it all launched and became a reality?

It literally took 18 months.  A lot of planning and research, working with a dermatologist and spending a lot of  time with women listening; I wanted to understand what they’re really looking for and need as they age.  Problem solvers, quick fixes and instant results – makeup made simple!


4.       Your colour-correcting, dark circle banishing Age Defy Skin Perfector palette contains  anti-aging Suberlift™, Vitamin complex and Nyamplung Oil™. What’s Suberlift and why did you include Nyamplung Oil in the formula?

Suberlift is found generally in premium skincare products; it’s a clinically proven botanical tensor that helps firm  the skin. A natural extract of the cork oak, it  progressively tightens and lifts the skin, as well as tones and smoothes.

I added Nyamplung Oil as it acts as a ‘free radical’ scavenger, limiting the oxidative stress that leads to premature ageing and photoaging.


5.       Since you launched the press coverage, praise from MUAs and celebrity followers has been amazing.  What’s been the highlight moment on your Studio 10 journey so far and your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge was ensuring the formulations were 100% right, the textures were suited for ageing-skin and had the finished result I was looking for.  At the same time, we had tight timelines and needed to make sure we launched on time.

I think one of the highlights, and there have been so many, was our official launch event.  It took place at art gallery, Imitate Modern, during their Kate Moss 40 exhibition.

It was truly wonderful; everyone that came was special and had played a real part in my journey.  They made so much effort to come and travelled from all over the country.  I felt so lucky and grateful; it was humbling.

More on STUDIO 10’s brand new cosmetics collection, and WATCH the video here:


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