Eye of Horus

Aussie brand Eye of Horus has launched just the right shades for summer with its no-smear, easy on the eyes (literally – this brand is worth checking out if you’ve got sensitive eyes) collection.

sapphire eoh

Forget about reading the blurb, just inhale the colours.  This one’s the Lazuli Blue

So here’s the low down on the eye pencils: They’re made from wax and they “set” within 40 seconds so you can smudge them if you want, and if you want a more precise line, pop them in the fridge for half an hour before sharpening and using, for a finer point.


Teal time

The richly pigmented colours are divine, from the more low key Charcoal Obsidian Grey for daytime to one of the prettiest summer blues we’ve seen – Teal Malachite. And hello, you purple Amethyst you, with your micro glitter particles! This shade is an absolute stunner for summer nights.



Eye of Horus’s coloured pencils are 100% waterproof (so you can dip in and out of that St. Tropez/Santorini/Somewhere Sunny swimming pool without worrying about wafting from the water to your sunlounger with a white fluffy towel wrapped around you and a new pair of panda eyes).  Somewhat miraculously, the pencils sweep off easily yet stay on all day or night.  Easy to get off. Easy to stay on. Not sure how that works but Eye of Horus seem to have nailed the formula.

And again, this is a range to try if your eyes “smart” at a lot of eye pencils, mascaras or eyeliners. We hope this brand expands at retail in the UK as we’ve tried almost all of the range and it would be great to see EOH in stores soon.

Last but not least, The Bronze Amulet eye pencil doubles as an eyebrow pencil, too (assuming it’s the right shade for you).

They’re good and they’re £13 each.

Discover the EYE OF HORUS range at:

Cocktail Cosmetics

Eye of Horus (UK) 

…and here’s how to put them on: WATCH the video

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