Sooo many supplements on the market, which to choose? Well we’ve been trialling quite a few this month and these made it onto the shortlist.

We’ve been looking at energy, weight loss, alkalising and detox boosters…even a protein powder made from hemp and Christine and James Duigan’s Bodyism range, a convenient, results-boosting “support group” of powders you can mix into smoothies, etc.

Bodyism’s range is great – but not obligatory, as James points out in his excellent book – for anyone who’s on the intelligent, well balanced Clean and Lean path (here’s the book). And Elle Macpherson who we spoke to last week – here’s her YouTube chat) is also a Clean and Lean fan.  Elle has just launched her own “extra green” supergreen formula, The Super Elixir, too, which she talks about in the video where she reveals the secret to looking amazing and more importantly, feeling amazing, at 50.

Click on the images or site links for the full low down on the brand ranges, ingredients and what the products are designed to do…there’s not enough room here to cover it all!

body brilliance


A chocolate shake made from super greens, minerals, energising herbs, fruit and veg.

Highly nutritious, boosts metabolism, balances blood sugar to help stave off sugar cravings, with anti-inflammatory benefits

We also loved SERENITY, a great way to wind down at the end of the day, and a chocolatey alternative to dessert after dinner if you’re on the Clean and Lean programme.  We like the fact that it has anti-inflammatory botanicals (licorice, ginger) and great keep-calmers like hops, oats, magnesium and chamomile which also help reduce stress levels and “fat dumping” on your tummy.





hemp powder


Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile plants, with a seed that is a source of protein, minerals and omega fats and if you’re not keen on those whey protein powders or can’t tolerate dairy-based protein supplements, THIS one this in your next pineapple, Greek yoghurt and coconut water smoothie!  We loved it.

At PLANET ORGANIC as well as other retailers.

Explore the entire Naturya range at 




Black chokeberry (aronia berry) is one of the most antioxidant packed berries around and it’s the first ingredient in Archeia Minerals’ hair, skin and nails-targeted formula.  Rosehip and grape seed are also in here, accompanied by a host of botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals which could help support issues like fatigue and thyroid function.

Blueberries, blackberries and…aronia.  A is for antioxidant power 

Inside out, rather than outside in, beauty products will be hitting the shelves big time over the next few years.

They already have in the US but Britain’s catching up now, because no matter what you put on your face or body, wellbeing + beauty are inextricably connected and as most of us seem to be juggling jobs, families, too much tech, too little time and a an overdose of stress these days, sales of these sorts of supplements look set to rise.

See the full ingredients list and read up on the formula at ARCHEIA MINERALS

British company BioCorrex’s SKIN BEAUTY label blew us away when we scrutinised it. It’s early days still as we’re still testing these but the ingredients label is impressive to say the least.  And conveniently, the 5 different capsules – which target wrinkles, hydration, firmness, radiance and also protect and nourish skin at its deepest level – come in handy little sachets so you can pop five in your bag and take a week’s worth to work, with you.

BioCorrex have squeezed 60 active, clinically tested and proven ingredients into each little sachet!  (Take one sachet daily)


BioCorrex says: “Dry, thinning, blemished skin and fine lines & wrinkles are minimized by BioCorrex Skin Beauty. By counteracting, from the inside, the damage to the inner dermal layer caused by environmental and age-related biological changes, BioCorrex Skin Beauty targets the visible signs of ageing. The ground-breaking formula includes Astaxanthin to neutralize free-radical oxidative stress, Lycopene for UV protection, essential nutrients to stimulate skin renewal, Collagen precursors to support the tensile strength of the dermal matrix, Hyaluronic acid to maintain extracellular hydration, and Resveratrol to help the body’s fight against inflammatory action, and additional Potent Probiotics, Energy + Mood boosters, Essential Enzymes, Amino Acids, Minerals and Superfoods”.

What’s In
BioCorrex Skin Beauty contains 100% Active Ingredients with no additives.

What’s Out
BioCorrex Skin Beauty does not contain any of the following, commonly found additives. NO Gluten, dairy or yeast.

The 5 capsules are:

  • The Anti-wrinkle capsule – INTER-SERUM
  • The Hydrate and Firm capsule – SKIN-PLUMP
  • The Radiate Capsule – WHOLE VITALITY
  • The Protect Capsule – SUNCORREX
  • The Nourish Capsule – SKIN FOOD

Full ingredients and the low down on each of the 5 capsule formulas at:



If you’re new to supergreen powders, Udo’s Choice “Beyond Greens” is a great place to start.  Udo’s makes one of the best-tasting green mixes  around (partly because it’s seed-based which helps mask the green taste).

At under £25 it’s also one of the most affordable broad spectrum supergreen formulas on the market. It’ll help alkalise your blood (when we’re too acid we become a breeding ground for disease, inflammation, fatigue, you name it…you want to aim for a pH reading of around 7 – 7.5 and you can buy pH test strips from Amazon to check your levels – see our post about Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir for more info!)

Udo’s have covered a lot of bases here, with enzymes, fibre, protein, omegas, anti-inflammatory ginger and immune boosters.

Contains: Brown flax seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, oat bran, rice bran, barley grass, golden flax seed (whole), alfalfa grass, cane juice (dried), carrot, Soyforce powdered sprouted soybean, tomato, beet root, oat grass, rye grass, cinnamon bark, ginger root, peppermint leaf, bilberry leaf, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, parsley, red clover blossom, kale, Udos Choice Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend powder (amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase, glucoamylase, invertase, malt diastase, lactase, pectinase (with phytase) and bromelain in a base of beetroot fibre), lemongrass, natural almond flavour, beet juice powder, psyllium husk, artichoke leaf, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, rosemary leaf, thyme herb, grape seed extract. Free of dairy, wheat & yeast.




Victoria Beckham famously Tweeted about bee pollen, and the sweet tasting supplement is oh so easy to sprinkle onto cereal or mix into a summer breakfast smoothie for added energy and B Vitamins as it won’t sabotage the taste.

Bee Pollen, the original superfood, and now VB’s new favourite

Family firm stock Bee Pollen as well as loads of other organic supplements, from cocoa nibs and coconut oil, to spirulina powder and Goji berries (great ‘on-the-go’).  We made some delicious dark chocolate with the coconut oil, cocoa powder (both from Greens Organic) and agave nectar – simply melt equal quantities of the coconut oil and cocoa powder over a very low heat and add the nectar to taste.  Pour into a small container, freeze for a few minutes, then break it up and enjoy (at your peril!) It’s delicious and much glossier than normal dark choc, and better for you if you’re trying to wean yourself off white sugar.

For a summer breakfast or dessert treat, whizz up a Greens Organic’s Yummy Bee Pollen Smoothie

As seen in GRAZIA “Bee Pollen, the new superfood”


organic burst maca

Organic Burst burst onto the health food scene just a few years ago with their innovative capsule collection of  superfood supplements.  Their Wheatgrass is one of the best-tasting on the market, if not THE best (and wheatgrass wins no taste test prizes) but it’s the Maca we’ve been taking this month.

Maca is a legendary hormone-balances and stamina superfood – it goes way back.  Also known as Peruvian Ginseng, it’s often recommended by experts if you have a thyroid issue – it can help with the debilitating, bone-deep fatigue and bring your sex life back to life if things haven’t been great in that department.

Again, maca would be one for your morning smoothie, or try mixing it into malted hot chocolate.  It’s a powerful little root that packs quite a punch with naturally-occuring calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, silica and zinc it.  Inca warriors apparently took it before battle to boost their endurance. so if it worked for them…

Explore the rest of the award-winning range at



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