WOMEN WE LOVE: 001 Skincare founder Ada Ooi

Almost as soon as expert facialist, aromatherapist and champion of world cultures Ada Ooi launched her east-meets-west, science-meets-nature skincare brand 001 in January,  you could hardly open a Sunday supplement mag without seeing 001 in it. 

“Every so often a brand comes along that makes me want to shout about it from the rooftops so that you can “ooh and ahh” at its brilliance”

– Bella Blissett, YOU magazine 


With summer a whisper away now, we caught up with Ada to ask her if she’d share her top secrets for keeping skin happy with us and why she thinks her brand has taken off so fast, distinguishing itself in a very crowded, not to mention competitive, skincare market.  

Oh, and we should quickly mention here that if you love a good facial and live in London,  Ada’s facials are semi-legendary so you might want to book yourself in while she has some slots left.  The way things are going her diary’s going to be booked to the hilt soon –  if it isn’t already.

Urban defenders: Ada’s luxe botanicals in their dark amber bottles

Ada shares 5 Tips to Keep Skin Happy, the high-impact exercise you might want to avoid when you get past 30, and why HOW you use your skincare is as important as WHAT you’re actually using…so sit back and enjoy!

1. Ada, it’s lovely to catch up with you again since we first met last October – “way back then”, before 99% of the press had even heard about 001, let alone tried your Intensive Elixir or Active Marine Power Concentrate (our faves!). SO much has happened since then for you in just a matter of months, it’s been amazing to watch!

So how would you define 001 Skincare? To us it feels pretty unique within the modern skincare market, with its heritage of Asian beauty wisdom and intelligent, modern nature-meets-science formulations.

I believe 001 Skincare is “a true hybrid of cultures, tradition and modernity”.


2.  If you had to shortlist 5 Tips To Keep Skin Happy, what would they be?

– First of all, hydration is the foundation for happy skin, so carry a toner wherever you go, use it sparingly…and pat it in!

(Keep 001’s Pure Lavender Hydrolate Toner in your handbag!)

Oil is another foundation for happy skin, even if you have oily skin. Trust me, get a product with good oils and you’ll see the result.

Hide and no seek for the sun, always.

Lana del Rey, snapped in an uber-glam sun hat. Photo by  Nicole Nodland

Use non-waterproof eye make up if possible to avoid excessive rubbing/cleansing to the delicate skin around the area.

– After 30, I’d recommend no high impact exercise with repetitious movements involved e.g. running. Exercises like this can cause repetitive jolt to the skin and tear up the collagen in the skin – which the older we get the harder it is recovered resulting in sagging skin. (ouch!) There’re so many other high-impact exercises you can choose from really: dancing, ball games and hiking (sunscreen please). Actually, exercises that make me sweat the most are the ones that require muscle control like yoga and ballet.


3.  001 Skincare only launched officially in January yet already you’ve made the pages of Observer Magazines, The Sunday Times and many more. And  the brand won BEST NEW SKINCARE LAUNCH in the 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards (tied with Therapi Honey Skincare).  Why do you think beauty editors – and consumers – have been so receptive, so quickly,to such a young, fresh brand? 

I think the products have really spoken for themselves and I’m really pleased that beauty editors have also been receptive to my knowledge gained from experience combining with a creative, pragmatic but indulgent approach to skincare.

“If you don’t buy these now…the joke’s on you” – TATLER

Tatler Beauty Flash


4. Your facials are pretty much legendary already! Where can people (including the men in our lives) come and have a treatment by you?

At the moment, we perform facials in various locations including Covent Garden, Knightsbridge and Mayfair depending on the client’s preference. To enquire, feel free to email: hello@doublezeroone.com



5. We often forget that HOW you use your skincare is as important as WHAT you use.  Any secrets you can share with us to get the most out of our products?

– Make use of your hands when applying products: Massage, pat, knead, press with fingers, palms, knuckles, be creative to make products work harder and make you feel better!

– Be creative. E.g. Mix a drop of toner & a drop of oil serum to create a lighter version of the serum/moisturiser for spring/summer (Yes, you don’t need to throw that rich serum away! I.e. You can buy a rich, nutritious serum anytime).

– Cotton pads are great and very versatile. You can soak it with toner and massage on skin in circular motions for mild exfoliation- I do this everyday twice and think it really gives that ‘shoe polishing’ effect: shiny , fine and smooth! For those who have oily t-zone concern, make sure you don’t skip moisturising the oily areas, the enlarged pores need a good balance of water and oil to stop excessive sebaceous secretion: rub your serum/moisturiser on a cotton pad and wipe across the problematic area.


“Loved by…”

001 Skincare, Winner, Best New Skincare Launch, 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards 

 6. This is a tough one, we know, but if you had to single out one product from the 001 range, which would it be, and why?  OK two then, max!

The Intensive Elixir. It is just SO full of fatty acids from oils that our skin would naturally identify with, plus all the legendary healing properties from high quality essential oils like Sandalwood and Rose. Its texture is right and its smell- I call it the ‘olfactory journey’ is one that I have spent quite a lot of time to get it right. This is my favourite and quickly became the beauty editors’ favourite, too, when it launched!

Fiona, you won’t be surprised by the next one!  Our Active Marine Power Concentrate, which I know you love. It is a product designed to give the skin a kick and the formulation has worked for every single skin type and has really treated different skin concerns like dehydration, dullness, fine lines & wrinkles very successfully!

Love. Love. Love.

Ada’s Active Marine Power Concentrate (saved my skin in the Sahara!)

Read my review on the product page (click on “reviews”) HERE


001 Skincare is also available at the place we spend many a lunch hour A BEAUTIFUL WORLD

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