Simple is beautiful: The Konjac Sponge


Would you a) stuff this into your bra before a night out; or b) keep it in a dry place and use it on your face?

For those of us who’ve never heard of Konjac potatoes – long Latin name “amorphophallus Konjac” – these odd looking vegetables are native to Asia, in fact the Japanese have been using Konjac sponges for over a century.

konjac potato

Things are looking up?

Odd looking but good for you, amorphophallus konjac grows at high altitudes and is packed with vitamins

Designed to be used alone (i.e. with or without your cleanser), they’re naturally alkaline, and cleanse and soften the skin, at the same time stimulating blood flow.  Used wet (or rather damp), after you’re done you hang yours up to dry (in a dry place as the more humid the environment, the faster it will decompose – these normally last up to about 3 months with proper care).

How do you use it?

Moisten the sponge, then gently massage your face in small, circular motions (with or without added cleanser), then rise and leave to air dry naturally. (Don’t wring it out, just gently squeeze out any excess water before you hang it to dry, it comes with a little hanging loop).

The morning after the night before

The next morning you’ll be greeted by what appears to be a dome-shaped pink macaroon (in my case – I’ve been using the French Pink Clay Sponge, above, for sensitive skin) which magically puffs out and returns to its intriguing moist, silky self when you add water, ready for another round of cleansing.

Not all Konjac Sponges are created equal

There’s a sponge for virtually every type of skin, from the Bamboo Charcoal sponge (to help draw out impurities) to the French Red Clay one (for dry or flaky skin), and if you become addicted, there’s a collection of 6-wave body sponge, too, including an extra-large Body Buffer, perfect for prepping pre-sun lounger season.

wave sponge

The NEW Konjac Body Sponges 

Want one? The Facial Sponges are £7.99 each and the Body Sponges £10.99.  100% natural, sustainable, cruelty-free, ridiculously easy to use and more fun than a muslin cloth.

Mums might like the Baby Sponge, too, which doubles up as a makeup applicator.

Available at THE KONJAC SPONGE COMPANY, CULT BEAUTY & other retailers

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