TROMBORG. Made in Denmark. Lusted after by us.


Below 10 Degrees Cream is an extreme-ly good name for this clever multi-tasker which launched in the UK late last year along with the rest of Tromborg’s skincare and make up range.  We’ve been testing it prior to the Awards on 7 March and it has stood up well in massively stiff competition (both the hair and skincare categories are going to be very closely contended this year.)


Tromborg’s makeup collection features 20 new nail polishes which contain seawater algae and Dead Sea salts and we’ll have more news on the whole range later this spring

Marianne Tromborg designed this solution-targeted cream because she happens to have ultra-sensitive skin and she’s really come up with a signature product that stands out for a number of good reasons.

Tromborg’s “winter coat for skin” as QVC called it, is a hard-worker yet Below 10 Degrees Cream feels light (and smells light and energizing too – it’s the subtle notes of uplifting essential oils including lemon in there).

“There’s everything to like about Tromborg’s Below 10 Degrees Cream – which is why we love it”

It holds up very nicely on its own as stand-alone product if you like to keep things clean and simple; or you can layer it with your usual moisturiser, using it “as and when” as a top-up in harsher conditions (yes British weather, we’re talking to YOU!!)

Below 10 Degrees acts like an invisible skin shield in tough environments (and if anyone knows how to deal with those, the Scandinavians do – from ski slopes to sauna and night after frosty night). Designed to fend off the skin-damaging effects of bitter winds, snow, and of also those dry skin bugbears, aka ‘the dry office’ and we-love-it-skin-hates-it central heating.  And if you sleep next to or very close to a radiator, you’ll want to put this on before you hit the pillow!

tromborg group pic

Great Danes

Marianne Tromborg’s clever clean Danish skincare and makeup range combines the  intelligence of nature and power of science …and “amen” to her “easy beauty/simple is beautiful’ philosophy

“Our products contain a very high number of the latest high-tech innovative peptides (small chains of amino acids) for the smoothing of lines and wrinkles…and active plant extracts are the driving force”

                                                      – Marianne Tromberg

“My name is on all the products – and that is a responsibility I take seriously” – Marianne Tromborg

Below 10 Degrees Cream works as:

– A balancing hormonal breakout calmer

– An effective-but-light barrier to protect your skin from dehydration

– A collagen/elastin product booster to compensate for collagen depletion so it qualifies as an anti-ager, it also leaves a subtle, dewy sheen on skin so this is most definitely a product to earmark for more mature skin OR if yours looks/feels like it’s had its glow factor vacuumed right out of it because of lack of sleep, stress, hormonal imbalances or illness.

– A red/irritated skin soother and an interesting product to try if you have rosacea

– It can help deal with scratches and broken capillaries

– It’s one of those “ageless” creams, age-bracket wise. YES, it’s an anti-ager, and it feels quite unctuous when you scoop a little out of the pot but it melts in fast, and actually feels incredibly light on your face – you get all the “dewy” effect with none of the residue that some creams leave behind, as it sinks in, never “sits” on skin.

– An after-shave treatment for men.  (Tromborg is quickly becoming a favourite with UK grooming gurus because of its clean unisex-style branding since it launched in November).

– A comfort blanket. You can “layer” as and when you need it according to the season or external/internal conditions – we’d decant a little into a mini pot and use this on flights as you can really feel it instantly moisturiser and “protect”your skin to prevent moisture being sucked out of it. 

– A day and night moisturiser, or apply extra and leave on for longer as a more therapeutic treatment.

– An SOS for niggly dry patches or irritations that won’t seem to go away (side note – check your diet/lifestyle and take those Omega 3 fish oil capsules!)

Scandinavian ski bunnies love this cream and so do we (also liking the look of Tromborg’s innovative SUN PRIMER DNA PROTECTION CREAM but we haven’t tried it but it’s on the list so hope to report back on that one later this spring!)


If Tromborg’s new to you, look out for the special TROMBORG show on QVC on 31 March!


It’s available now at selected DEBENHAMS stores and online at TROMBORG.COM 

About Tromborg

Co-founded in 2003 by make-up artist Marianne Tromborg and fashion photographer Michael Wendt, and joined by biochemist Tim Schyberg in 2006, the unisex range of skin treatment products features the Tromborg Treatment line of rich creams and light serums containing actives which are designed to heal and delay the signs of aging.

Priced at £16-250 for advanced skincare products, the 189-piece strong line-up also includes the Scandinavian Mood holistic skin, body and lifestyle collection; and Tromborg Professional Make-Up, which reflects Marianne’s ‘less is more’ approach to applying make-up.

Why we like it: Below 10 degrees cream acts regenerating thanks to its combination of active ingredients, including glyco-proteins from the Arctic, derived from micro-organisms that survive extreme conditions in the depths of the bitterly cold Arctic. The cream also contains Mango kernel butter (moisturising, vitamin-rich and softening) and Tamaridus India Seed extract which is highly moisturising, with anti-inflammatory, healing effects.

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  1. Mrs Jennifer Grove says:

    Very interested in this cream and make up range although I still have to try this cream myself and will probably buy some in the near future. I’m a 65yr old female who has always looked after my skin and a non smoker. Im particular interested in cream for lines around my mouth which are very pronounced and very noticeable thankyou.