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There’s a whole lotta L-❤-V-E for British aromatherapy-centric brand Blend Collective at Beauty Shortlist HQ at the moment (have you tried the Unwinding Bath Oil? #heaven.)

Unwrap the deserves-an-award packaging, and inside every product is a blend of delicate essential oils and powerful natural ingredients, all between 99% to 100% natural and all Blend-ed with the intention of energising, balancing and decompressing your mind, body, spirit and anything else that needs recharging/balancing/unplugging.

Blend Collective’s 3 signature blends are:

The Enlivening Collection – an invigorating combination of Sicilian Lemon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime that give an energising lift – very spring-in-Italy, one way to describe these?

The Balancing Collection – a gentle collaboration of Star Jasmine, Geranium, Vetiver and Rose to restore equilibrium to body and mind.

The Unwinding Collection – a calming mix of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Neroli to help you relax. (It does). We’ve tested a fair few products in this range and if you’re not a lavender fan the Unwinding blend is a perfect alternative because the scent is very comforting, grounding and relaxing – it’s sultry in a deep, earthy but not too heavy way and just sort of “loosens/clears” any stress in your head and body.  If you’re a bath oil fan, and haven’t tried this blend, buy it for yourself for Valentine’s Day.  Or buy two, one for you and one for you.

How to use the Bath & Shower Oils: Pour a couple of cap fulls into a deep bath or massage on skin before a warm shower.

(PS: Hand Cream obsessives who haven’t joined the collective will probably agree this product is another fab Blend find – it’s a handy ‘chill-with-the-door-shut’ antidote for that bossy office boss you need to get away from/are allergic to.)

blend collective whole family

Meet the family

The Exclusive Valentine’s Edition Unwinding Bath & Shower Oil is £24.50/100ml

(same price as the original, but even more loved-up packaging)

blend valentine bath oil

Gotta love a good bath oil.  Our favourite, The Unwinding Bath Oil with sea kelp, passion fruit and corn silk 

All we can say is all hail Pippa Bennett and Clive Walker (who’s worked alongside iconic aromatherapist Robert Tisserand) and Blend’s three expert blenders Alec Lawless, Emma Nash and Glenda Taylor: “Meet The Blenders”.  And we’re not sure who did the packaging design for their limited edition Valentine Unwinding Bath Oil…but we like it.



Blend have crossed the pond, so US fans can get their Blend fixes too.

2 responses to “BLEND COLLECTIVE. Are you in?”

  1. Pippa says:

    The answer to your questions who designed the hearts for our Valentine exclusive is Mark Whitehouse from Second Opinion – a great new edition to the BLEND collective family – watch our for more from Mark

  2. These look lovely – could use a balancing oil for during the day! x