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FS eye dust

We’ve just been to Stockholm (OK tell a lie – FENWICK’S and MYSHOWCASE) and came back with a ‘haul’ load of these beauties guaranteed to cheer your January up or your money back,  starting with Face Stockholm’s Eye Dust pots (above)

But first, the boring bit. There are just a smattering of detailed product links and prices in this post (sorry – I’m blaming last week’s barrage of last minute 2014 Awards entries, can’t wait for 31 Jan when they finally close), so you’ll want to get down to Fenwick of Bond Street for the full FS low down. Or head over to Kate Shapland’s cleverly curated Face Stockholm round-up at MyShowcase.com for a face-full of Swedish makeup.

blue glitter

First up, the Galaxy Eye Pots which are part of Face Stockholm’s extensive eye colour product range, in addition (addiction?) to the brand’s Glitters, above – see all the Glitter shadest on Face Stockholm’s USA site HERE.

You can use the brilliant Eye Dusts on your body, mixed with body lotion, as well as in hair gel, with lip gloss or add a whisper of a dusting to your foundation for some barely-there-but-there shimmer.

eye dust shade sky


These sparkling all-rounders are all just £20 a pot.


cream eyeshadow

Moving on to the Eye Creams…  As in eye colour, not eye bag banishing, although we keep hearing Face Stockholm’s foundations and concealers are some of the best around right now 

face eyeshadow 2

“Positive” – a good name for a shade of lip gloss? The Lip Pots are at MyShowcase

pot gloss positive £17 at MyShowcase…and the Gel Eyeliner, which comes in 3 shades (the pic looks smaller than they really are but can’t find a larger photo) 

gel eyeliner in Port

If you love Bobbi Brown’s eyeliner gel, Face Stockholm’s Gel Eyeliner is another one.  This shade’s called “Port”

port swatch

Eyeliner’s still headlining big time, so we predict”Port” will be scoring some goals against the “all-blacks” this spring.

orange cream

Even FS’s skincare is colourful (there’s orange essential oil in this pot along with Mulberry and Kava extracts)

“My proudest moment so far was receiving The Royal Patriotic Society Business Medal from King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden in 2009”

– Gun Nowak

gun nowak

The brilliant woman behind the brand: Gun Nowak 

pot gloss positive £17 at MyShowcase

There’s a pot of pink around at the moment isn’t there? #SS14

glitter stick

Not forgetting the Glitter Sticks

pink eye glitter

…more “eye do’s”


Oof! #love

glitter 2

Have you got this one? Can you Tweet us a pic to see what it’s like on?

glitter 3

…last one.

Lots more Face Stockholm to play with at Fenwick’s and MyShowcase





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