RINGS + THINGS + Can you guess which language this is?

silver rings small

So many people have asked me about my ring I thought I’d post a pic of it.  The Greek-looking letters spell “Fiona” pronounced in the local dialect Fee-yoo-na as they don’t have an “oh” sound that translates into writing…

Reading from top to bottom, with the sort of “H” symbol at the top, it almost looks like it spells out “hello”, doesn’t it?

So, Twitter’s been guessing which language this is and if you know, then very well done because this isn’t an easy one to guess. (Hint, I bought this ring in the medina of my favourite coastal city on the Atlantic then had it engraved with my name on it).

Here are some more designs,  below, which I thought you might like? I just love the long silver rings,  and the bold enamel work is so beautiful, too – it’s interesting that they use lots of turquoise, same as Native American pieces.

Have a look at the rings right at the bottom of this post which look absolutely stunning on – very “statement” –  I’m thinking of bringing some back with me to London on my next visit.

Also have you seen these “boites bracelets” (bracelet boxes) before – below? They’re clever, I hadn’t seen these before. You take the base off and the lid lifts off, leaving you with a gorgeous bracelet in the middle.  They make really lovely boxes for keeping small things like rings and coins in when you’re not wearing the thick cuff bracelet.

silver ring

(I also wear the enamel coloured ring above the long silver one all the time, too, it’s like a talisman for me, it was the first ring I ever bought when I started visiting this place)

bracelet boxes

These are the bracelet boxes ABOVE (sorry, not a great “cut off” pic as I was just leaving this shop when I saw these and snapped them quickly just as I was walking out and cut the tops off!)

essa jewellery 1

More… and there’s a little ‘bell’ inside the spherical silver ring on the left with the blue stone in it!  A ring that rings… apparently it’s a wedding ring (same tribe as the “Fiona” silver ring above…guessed it yet?)

dark bracelets

Black and silver, the bracelet seller popped in while I was in the shop (these aren’t mine!)

jewellery pink

The object standing up in the middle is an empty kohl holder (the “pen” pulls out, with a fine point on it and you keep the kohl in the little “bottle”) – not sure how easy to apply it would be – I haven’t tried it yet. The Southern Cross is also significant and connected to the same tribe as the silver rings.

yellow rings

Every time I wear one of these big round enamel rings ABOVE, it gets commented on – a lot. Mine’s the one on the right, bottom row

cafe sans stress

Great name for a cafe, Cafe Sans Stress

Welcome to the no-stress cafe

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  1. Pascale says:

    These are all beautiful pieces Fiona x