If you only discover ONE new brand this month: 001 SKINCARE

001 Christmas

Once in a while a new brand “shows up” which totally blows me away. 001 Skincare  is that brand for 2013.

A bold claim, I know, but here’s why.

Intrigued by the 001 Skincare site, I met Ada Ooi at Selfridges in early October. Charming, knowledgeable and passionate about her new brand in a lovely low key way (without any trace of the ego trip that sometimes accompanies the birth of something outstanding), she walked me through each product in the range. Within about 10 minutes, as we sat and sipped a tea, surrounded by a sea of flowers at Aubaine, I had a feeling 001 Skincare Doublezeroone.com was going to be one of those “I’ll remember the day I discovered this” finds.

Inspired by Asian philosophy, Ada Ooi’s 001 Skincare capsule collection blends science and nature to create ultimate skincare solutions which also help combat the detrimental effects of urban environments

But it takes about 28 days for the all important positive proof to show on your skin, so the very next day I started using four products I liked the look of from the range: the Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner, the Exfoliating & Conditioning Cleanser (if you normally avoid grainy exfoliators prepare to be wowed by this one), The Active Marine Power Concentrate (l-o-v-e) and The Intensive Elixir (more on this one below).

First up here, let’s start with one of Ada’s favourites, the Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner, then on to the product I cannot get enough of right now, the Active Marine Power Concentrate. The Marine Concentrate is a convincingly effective marine algae-based, omega 3,6 and 9 rich, collagen-and-cell-turnover-boosting serum/gel which also doubles as an eye treatment – and which hasn’t left my bathroom shelf since I stepped out of Selfridges that autumn evening, may I add.

“The Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner can be used as a toner, aftershave, mask, as a mild cleanser/freshener, as a make up ‘setter’ or as a light hydrator” 

Way more than a toner…001’s Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner is collected from the distillation of high grade lavender harvests and works as a cleanser (swipe off makeup with a cotton pad), toner, refreshing spritz, mask (yes!) or spritz on to set your makeup

“Active Marine Power Concentrate has “hero” product written all over it”

I’m going to be a bit selfish and rave about my favourite 001 product now, the Active Marine Power Concentrate, as I think this has “hero” product written all over it and it would work so beautifully for most skin types. And then hand over to Ada to explain why the Lavender Hydrolat is special.

I really put the Active Marine to the test during a few weeks on the edge of the Sahara in late October.  My skin was “distressed” for lack of a better word, due to the 10% humidity, and “full volume” scorching sunshine,- the kind that can give you a headache in sixty minutes if you don’t have your head covered (no guessing why those devilishly handsome Touaregs wear their indigo “sheshs” as cover-ups?)

I had a nice stash of moisturisers with me, but the only product that felt comforting and anywhere near adequately moisturising in that extreme environment was the Active Marine Power Concentrate which I can honestly say saved my skin from turning to parchment paper! (Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream fared well too, just as a side note.) And this product feels just as good to use in much more “normal/humid conditions” in the UK – it’s non-greasy, non-sticky, light yet concentrated and really unique from a texture point of view.

Active Marine Power Concentrate has just launched as part of this limited edition Christmas Set:

cleanser and active marine gift box

The Gift Bar is open!


001’s non-grainy, super smooth Melissa Leaf, Fennel, Vanilla and natural Lactic Acid-based Exfoliating & Conditioning Cleanser + The Active Marine Power Concentrate together, for a limited time only

Normally £23 and £49 (= £72) when purchased individually; you save £15 when you buy the Christmas Gift Box for £57

The Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner

Now over to Ada and a look at 001’s Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner:

Ada told me: “Lavender is often used for soothing purposes, but it is actually very powerful and versatile – I’ve written a post about it HERE “I don’t use toner” is what I hear a LOT but here’s why I think that toner is such a key step in our daily skincare routine:

a) pH balance is so important. For example, the Thames water parameter for tap water is 6.5 – 9.5pH (alkaline), with 7 as the standard. But the best pH for our skin is actually pH5.5, so London water isn’t ideal.

b) Humectant ingredients are generally used in serums, moisturisers to keep skin hydrated. When humidity is higher than 70%, humectants can also attract water from the atmosphere into the skin, so a toner can help skin from becoming too dry.

c) Does your skin feel dry after cleansing your face? That’s pretty normal because you’ve washed away a layer of oil content from your skin + add hard water into the equation + water on top of your skin gets evaporated into the air resulting in potential moisture loss.

So you really do need a toner to:

– balance pH

– supply and re-develop healthy water content balance

– deliver beneficial water content,  be absorbed by the humectant ingredients in moisturising products”

Ada also went on to tell me that lavender is part of the mint family and has a complex structure – as well as multi-functional benefits – so the Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner can be used as a toner, aftershave, mask (steep cotton pads in it), as a mild cleanser/freshener, as a make up ‘setter’ and as a handy light hydrator (centrally heated offices and homes…or dry climates.)

skin group

Top Cleansing Tip: Never let a water-based product dry naturally on your skin because…

Ada advises NEVER letting a water-based product dry naturally on your skin as this can actually lead to more moisture loss. When the product evaporates, moisture already in your skin can evaporate with it so ALWAYS PAT DRY to let it fully absorb. (Read more at: http://001skincare.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/ways-to-use-the-multi-functional-pure-lavender-hydrolat-toner/)

So The Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner is – as Ada puts it – “a multi-functional product that only takes one little extra step but can make a big impact on  your daily skin health”.


OK now for some 001 Christmas Set picks:

I gave the Radiance Peel to my cousin (who really rates it) so I can’t comment on this product as I haven’t tried it but it’s one of the next products on my 001 list, but beauty journalist Helen at Mummymode.co.uk has just reviewed it HERE


THE PURE ACTIVE PEEL + a complimentary Lavender Hydrolat Toner or Exfolating & Conditioning Cleanser

Ideal for tired and dysfunctional skin, the Pure Active Peel contains active enzymes from pineapple and natural AHA acids from Muscovado Sugar to gently remove dead skin cells, soothe the appearance of fine lines and instantly soften skin texture. A fine formulation of Marine Algae and Chinese Peppermint is cocktailed with natural Citrus Essences to hydrate, plump and leave skin revitalised. 

Set includes:
 Pure Active Peel (50ml) 
– Choice of Exfoliating & Conditioning Cleanser (100ml) or Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner (100ml) 
And now for the Christmas Set I’d recommend you take a look at if the time appears to have come to turn up the anti-aging volume and radiance factor on your (maybe slightly winter weary?) skin – and it’s a bit of a Santa steal as you get two products for under the price of just the Intensive Elixir!
double one elixir set
The ultimate powerhouse for youthful skin:
The Intensive Elixir “Absolute Treatment” Set £83
Intensive Elixir is £94 on its own but you get a complimentary Lavender Toner or Exfoliating & Conditioning Cleanser so this set from the Gift Bar has to be the official 001 Christmas beauty steal

“An Intensive Elixir designed to handle the tough skincare demands of unstable temperatures and environmental factors of city life. An an almost-cure-all elixir for all skin type to create that soft and supple skin texture with a youthful glow” – Ada Ooi


“This seems to turn the ordinary into the sublime…my face is actually luminescent at times” – Samantha Hadadi, I Am Into This




Includes the Intensive Elixir + complimentary Lavender Hydrolat Toner or Exfolating & Conditioning Cleanser
3 legendary precious oils (the Christmassy sounding trio of Sandalwood, Myrrh and Frankincense, very apt!), 4 refined bio-dynamic oils (including Macadamia Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil and Sun Flower), 4 pure plant extracts including Rose + a dose of vitamin E.
001’s Precious Finds Intensive Elixir is a hand blended artisan creation, with efficacy-proven potent ingredients to synergistically moisture, rebalance and deeply rejuvenate skin. Continuous use as a serum under moisturiser within a short period of time will help diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores, infuse skin with soft, supple texture and a youthful glow.
Here’s what beauty and lifestyle journalist Samantha Hadadi at www.iamintothis.com had to say about the Elixir (I’ve tried it – a rewarding find if your skin needs more help and I’d earmark it as an essential for more mature skin, too – wear this under your moisturiser and watch the results).

“I cannot tell you how much this Intensive Elixir has transformed and improved my skin – it seems to turn the ordinary into the sublime. My face is smooth and even, baby soft for the entire day. I also lose about five years off my age… and it looks as though I have been lit from within.

My face is actually luminescent at times.” @iamintothis


Ada will be answering skincare questions in an upcoming post, so why not Tweet us your if you have one, to @BeautyShortlist and @001Skincare, or post a question on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BeautyShortlistUK ! We’ll select the best and “post them in the upcoming post”!
I hope you get a chance to try 001 Skincare and that it works as well as it did for me, for you too (and if you’re heading to the Sahara over the holidays, you know which skin protector to apply before a camel ride – !)
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Growing up in the metropolis of Hong Kong, where cutting edge architecture is juxtaposed with centuries of culture – Ada Ooi watched with fascination as elders restored health to skin, body and mind using the principles of traditional apothecary to return the humours in the body to their natural state of being – a state of equilibrium.

Being of inquisitive mind and herself trained as an aromatherapist and beauty therapist, Ada looked about and above to this city that so successfully fused the modern with the traditional, and wondered how current principles of twenty first century science could combine with dynastic methods to create a potent, hybrid skincare line. One that would not only defeat the environmental imbalance which causes premature ageing at a cellular level but enliven, enlighten and delight the skin, returning it once more to its finest state – Equilibrium.

001 – equiHybrid (TM) skincare for enlightened men and women.

Refined. Potent. Indulgent.

Ada Ooi now lives and works in London, she is a trained aromatherapist, beauty therapist, dance art curator and a champion of world cultures.



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