Bee Beautiful this Winter with Therapi Honey Skincare


A brand that will most definitely ‘bee’ on our 2014 wish list (we’ve tried some of the range already and want to try it all now!) is the luxurious, organic honey skincare, Therapi.  Created by British beekeeper Tanya Hawkes, this beautifully simple yet complete range has everything your skin needs to radiate beauty – even in the depths of mid winter, and Tanya’s passion for protecting the bees is at the foundation of this special range which is available direct from her site as well as from Naturisimo and Being Content, now.

Split into three skin-targeted ranges, the Therapi collections (Moisturiser, Cleanser, Toner) are:

Rose Otto: for dry/mature (nourishing)

Orange Blossom: for normal/most skin types (balancing)

Lemon Myrtle: oily/combination (purifying)


Therapi donates at least 5% of its profits to bee conservation projects



Treat your skin to a little Therapi this Christmas at

lemon myrtle therapi

From the Purifying range, this Lemon Myrtle No. 2 Anti-Bacterial Facial Toner contains Witchhazel, Rose Flower Water, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Peppermint Oil and Lemon Myrtle Peel Oil to tone and refine skin and it’s 99% organic. 

The Star Ingredient: Organic Honey

The natural formulations each contain the star ingredient – organic honey – which is nature’s skin-food for winter skin. As honey addicts will probably already know, honey has an ancient pedigree for healing and renewing the skin.

“We start with the colourful, aromatic and minimally processed plant-based ingredients of Nature and carefully blend these with skin-loving honey, propolis and beeswax”


Honey is one of the oldest natural cosmetic ingredients, due to its innate high levels of nutrients and anti-oxidants which make this miracle substance a perfectly designed natural moisturiser and skin conditioner. Packed with nutrients, it’s the enzymes, amino acids, minerals and nutrients in honey that work to purify the skin and assist with cell regeneration – a vital part of anti-ageing skincare!

For some serious skin smoothing this month, pick up Therapi’s collagen-boosting Ultra Radiance Cream. Packed with nourishing oils of rosehip and rose, enriching honey and organic propolis, Tanya created this specific formula to promote skin renewal and natural radiance, so it’s a gift for skin that acts dull in winter.

Ultra Radiance Rose Otto

Give your skin a blast of rejuvenating antioxidant-rich bee propolis, rosehip oil and rose extract. After cleansing, apply morning and night to face, neck and décolletage. Therapi’s Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream is 90% organic. 

If you love a rich “super protector” of a hydrating treatment, Therapi’s collagen-boosting Ultra Radiance Cream is the special treatment cream of the collection.  It doubles as a strong yet gentle barrier – it’s fantastic on sensitive skin by the way! – against the harsh winter elements. It’s an absolute essential for dehydrated, day-after-the-night-before skin that needs an instant pick-me-up.

“There are about 25,000 different bee species in the world and they live on every continent except Antarctica”

Entering this time of the winter solstice we all need (as well as a good party) a general health boost!

Which is why Tanya recommends honey – inside and out.  Nature’s sweet liquid gold has many medicinal properties, as well as beautifying benefits, and was traditionally used as a miracle medicine before antibiotics (Manuka honey fans will identify with this).

bees lavender

There are about 25,000 different bee species in the world and they live on every continent except Antarctica. Bees pollinate 75% of our main food crops and are essential not only to the biodiversity of our planet but also to our very survival.

So if the winter chills and Christmas stress all get a bit much this year, reach for the honey: smooth on Therapi’s vitamin-rich No. 3 Honey Moisturiser with Rose Otto and rejuvenating botanical extracts of rose and sandalwood to promote softer skin; light a natural beeswax candle for calm and serenity; and sip a hot cup of honey and lemon (or honeymead for an old-fashioned even more festive treat!) for a trio of natural goodness.

Honey Moisturiser Rose Otto ALT

Winter food for skin: the No. 3 Rose Otto Moisturiser is formulated for dry or mature skin types

The Therapi range is Soil Association certified

“Bees pollinate 75% of our main food crops, they’re essential not only to the biodiversity of our planet but also to our very survival”

As a brand, Therapi doesn’t only advocate honey as a super-nourishing ingredient but Tanya also supports the producers of nature’s golden elixir – the bees themselves! The Therapi range is very admirably Soil Association certified organic with up to 99% organic ingredients but on a day to day basis Tanya is also very much involved with conserving bees (find out more here) – without which, our world, and we, will be in big trouble – that’s with a capital “B” not lower case.

One of the reasons we have such a genuine love for this brand, fabulous formulas aside, is that Therapi donates at least 5% of profits to supporting charity projects.

Plus, for every product sold in December Therapi are donating £1 to Bees for Development  Bee is for brilliant (!)

honey banner

For every product sold in December Therapi are donating £1 to Bees for Development 

Our buzzy little friends in their stripey yellow and black velvet suits have for thousands of years been giving us delicious honey for sweetness, beeswax for candle light, and propolis for medicine.  With gifts like these from our bees, isn’t it time we gave something back to them? Here are some important ways we can all help keep bee numbers from declining.



New at Therapie’s balancing, hydration-boosting facial toner to suit most skin types, including normal/combination/sensitive


If you’re like us and can’t wait to indulge our skin in Therapi’s organic, honey-packed products, you’re in luck! Therapi launched at Naturisimo, the fabulous one-stop shop for all your natural needs, in December.

They’ve teamed up to bring you an amazing LAUNCH OFFER too: Receive a FREE Therapi trial size cleanser and moisturiser honey duo when you spend £25 or more at Naturisimo (while stocks last)

Simply enter the code of the duo you’d like – NORMAL, DRY or OILY at the checkout to redeem this ‘sweet’ deal – that’s it!

SHOP the Therapi range at

Therapi is also available at Content Beauty and Bamford Haybarn

Bee beautiful this Christmas


What’s for breakfast, honey? 


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  1. I really like these skin care products..!! Especially Therapi’s Honey moisturiser because right now we are facing this cold winter and secondly, it contains natural ingredients there is no chemical in it and I love to use organic skincare products. So I will definitely use it and I will suggest these organic products to all my friends.