Christmas Countdown Day 6: Winter Gift Boxes at Bathing Beauty

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George Jones now spends most of her time in Wales but when she modelled for Burberry and Emporio Armani (among a sleek list of others) she was jetting off to Milan and Paris every five minutes. Now she co-owns one of Wales’ top clinics, the Well Street Clinic, where she specialises in keeping expectant mums and newborns happy and healthy, something that ties in perfectly with her organic beauty philosophy and passion for pure beauty.

So after all that jetting about, perhaps it’s appropriate that George’s kind of beauty is “slow beauty”.  And if you love solution-orientated skincare which hits the sweet spot between being earthy, organic and unashamedly indulgent, you’ll want to get your hands on one of her limited edition Christmas gift sets.

The Bathing Beauty Christmas boxes only just launched yesterday and we have a feeling they may not be around for long…there’s a lot of love around for this brand on Twitter at the moment and it’s very ‘cosy nights in while the dog snoozes by the fire’ – we tried some of Bathing Beauty’s bath and skin treats in summer and absolutely loved them.

So let’s get started!


The get-you-through-winter Cold Comfort Gift Box, yep, top of our list! £35


Who won’t need/want one of these this winter?  The Cold Comfort Gift Set £35 – not only incredibly apt for those of us spending Christmas in the UK rather than Bondi Beach, we feel better already just looking at these winter-proofers.

Your Cold Comforts include:

Jones The Bones Muscle and Joint Oil 50ml. Developed by the Osteopaths at Well St Clinic to ease stiff joints and achy muscles.

Balaclava 20ml The no eau protective face salve. With calming Mandarin and Roman Chamomile essential oils, Peach Kernel and Rosehip. Apply daily before facing the elements (and possibly certain people!)

Gauntlet Barrier Hand Salve 30ml. Award winning, protective, skin healing hand salve.
Apparently this is “currently on expedition in Antarctica” – amazing!

Lipslick 7g- A super nourishing lipbalm made from fairtrade Shea and Cocoa butter.

Green and Serene Soap– (great name, hopefully all of us over the holidays?!)  George calls this ” a scrubby and moisturising cold processed soap, for busy outdoor hands” and it contains chopped herbs, skin healing Calendula, dried Polenta and antiseptic Ho Leaf essential oil.


Next…over to the Men’s dept:


bathing beauty mens gift




Next up, why not answer that perennial question “what do you get the man in your life?” ….with this?  Bathing Beauty’s Christmas Men’s Grooming Gift Box £30 – yes if you recognise the Babylon soap, Grooming Guru (Lee Kynaston) loves it and he has exceptional taste.  And it was featured in Men’s Health in October.

This Men’s set features George’s award-winning Up Close Men’s Shave Oil 50ml with skin healing Calendula, anti-inflammatory Hypericum, beautifully scented with Pure West Indian Bay and Lime Essential Oils.  Plus a Jones The Bones for achy post-workout muscles, and to help ease stiff (frozen?!) joints, 50ml.  In there is the fabulous Gauntlet Barrier Hand Salve 30g which really does what it says on the tin, and the Babylon Soap 90g, which is studded with Poppy Seeds, infused with Hemp Oil, scented with Patchouli and no wonder Grooming Guru liked it!  These treats for your man come in a recyclable cardboard box hand decorated with Welsh Blanket designs.

bathing beauty bag dilly dilly
Know a sensitive soul with sensitive skin? Or someone who can’t sleep?  Just say “aaah”…and yes there are people who’d pay a small fortune to be able to sleep better!
If you’re sourcing a gift for around £25 for an organic beauty lover, this Little Bag of Tranquility would be a good one?
Contains this
Dilly Dilly hand made soap with a Welsh lavender crust.90-100g

dilly lavender soap

Christmas stocking filler hunters take note! £3.95 and “iced” with Welsh lavender

Award Winning Soothe Body Oil Infusion. With wild harvested Hypericum and organically grown Calendula and high altitude Lavender essential oil.


Great results on sore sensitive skin. (Read the reviews!) 50 ml


And of course, there’s nothing like a soothing warm winter bath to set the world to right…



Love the look of  this Gentle Souls Bath Milk?  £12.95 bought separately

We haven’t tried it yet but we’ve been ogling this soothingly-named Gentle Souls Bath Milk

George describes it as “skin softening and soporific” and it’s beautifully presented in a handthrown pot from Anvil Pottery LLanrhaedr, Dilly Dilly, Bag of Tranquility comes in a mini jute shopper.  300g

There are so many more organic winter comforts and joys at Bathing Beauty so we’ll just leave you with two more favourites, below.

Happy hoarding.

Reveal Hand Salve

Reveal Hand Polish and Salve Gift Set (brilliant idea – read how they work together here!


 Feeling AMOROSE? 

A sensuous skin conditioning body balm £9.95

A luxurious blend of Fair Trade, Organic Shea Butter, Peach Kernel, Borage and Avocado Oils. Beautifully scented with Rose Geranium essential oil. LOVE-ly!



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