Iconic Aussie eye makeup brand Eye of Horus is guesting on The Beauty Shortlist this week!  EOH arrived just recently in the UK at Cocktailcosmetics.co.uk and we’ve been wearing their Moringa oil-based Goddess Mascara for weeks now. (Because it looks great on, lengthens lashes “naturally” and equally importantly it stays on, is gentle on the eyes and it comes off super fast – unbelievably, with just warm water…or your usual eye makeup remover.)

The Goddess Mascara is already EOH’s best-seller but hot on its heels comes the clever Liquid Define. It’s one of the easiest eyeliners we’ve ever used. 

Awakening the goddess within…Eye of Horus cosmetics are inspired by and uniquely formulated in the style of the Ancient Egyptians  with natural waxes and plant based ingredients including Carnauba, Candelia, Ricebran, Bees Wax & Organic Moringa Oil.  

So…with party season on our doorstep, and a new year around the corner, we asked EOH to share some feline flicks and tricks with you for Winter 13/14, using Liquid Define and the rest of their gorgeous Goddess-inspired range.  How will you be wearing yours?


We loved this mascara when we tried it because it sweeps on, defines lashes beautifully – with no clumping, no “gluing”. It leaves lashes feeling flexible rather than “stiff” and comes off really easily.  A great one for sensitive eyes so this is a brand to earmark if you find some mascaras “irritating”.

goddess mascara

Moringa Oil is one of the Ancient Egypt-inspired ingredients in EOH’s hero product The Goddess Mascara


Eyeliner will continue to headline well into 2014 and be one of next year’s biggest makeup trends – think Khol Black pencils, and blackest Liquid Eye liner worn in endless creative ways!

HOW TO WEAR IT: Smudge it, define it, flick it out at the corners or use it in the inner eye rim.

TIP: After defining your eyes with the liquid liner, for a different twist accentuate with coloured pencil liner above or on waterline – this is a stunning look, especially for nights out.

COLOUR TRENDS: For on-trend colours right now, and into spring 2014, think Greens, Teals, Blues and Purples.



Now for a closer look at the Eye of Horus range (their oh so easy Liquid Define and the Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil are two of our favourites!)


So here’s why we loved Eye of Horus Liquid Define (which is smudge proof, water proof and delivers a perfect line) when we tried it!

The pen-style felt tip applicator is really easy to use and control – it glides on without creasing on the lid,  and delivers a sharp, blackest of black defined line. This Jet Black formula dries in seconds, allowing you to draw flicks and wings without smearing or mistakes and we found it lasted all day and well into the night – perfect for humid environments too, as it really “stays put”!

The clever reversible tip means the pen retains a beautifully fine point for the life of the product.

TIP: To create a perfect, professional ‘wing’, apply a piece of tape from corner of both eyes up diagonally to temple to guide the tip for a  perfect flick.




The smouldering Smokey Eye look is big beauty news this season too, and this soft pencil (you can put them in the fridge to harden for extra definition, by the way) delivers all the dramatic look you want.  Or use it simply for a bit more definition around your eye for daytime or a defined and more low key look at night.  A useful tool to keep in your handbag or Christmas party makeup bag – instant “day to night” when you finally leave the office! –  Eye of Horus Black Smokey Eye Goddess Pencil is one of the smoothest eye pencils ever, gliding on without tearing so it’s gentle on the eyelids.  It gets big points for its texture and ease of application and we love the fact that it’s made from natural waxes.

Uniquely formulated with a combination of waxes and oils, it’s 100% waterproof, long lasting and stays on lids, perfect for day wear to accentuate eyes, or evening wear to get that sensual Smokey look – this is a pencil that really does “double day and night duty” and it’s versatile, too – it comes with an inbuilt soft smudger tip allowing you to define or ‘smoulder’ as much as you like.

TIP:  For a really sharp point place wax pencil in fridge for a few hours and sharpen. This gentle, non-irritating pencil looks fab on the waterline too.

EOH Bronze for blue eyes

Creamy rich metallic and smudge-proof/waterproof: The Illuminating Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil

“TIP:  For a super-fine sharp point place wax pencil in fridge for a few hours and sharpen”



The illuminating Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil is a gloriously glowing copper/bronze. Prized as a precious Amulet in ancient times, it accentuates your eyes like a sun goddess.

The creamy rich metallic formula is easy to apply, waterproof, smudge-proof, easily removed with warm water, but has the staying power to last all day.

Beautiful highlighting liner for dark eyes, and it compliments blue eyes beautifully, enhancing them with a shimmering sun kissed look.

TIP:  Accentuate with a fine line of Liquid Define close to lashes, for additional dramatic radiance.




This…is gorgeous!! The Serpentine Sultry Pencil offers a fusion of dark olive pigments, and ancient gold and green micro-shimmer with a Satin Sheen finish, Serpentines creamy incandescent formula glides on without tugging on the lash line – magically enhancing and making your eyes pop. If your eye colour suits this shade, this’ll be a pencil to pop into that Christmas makeup bag.

Soft and Sultry and great for day use, pencil can be smudged and smouldered for an evening alluring temptress effect.

Eye of Horus TIP : “Powerful sorcery transpires when blended out towards the eye wings, and smudged onto socket”





EOH’s Teal Goddess Pencil is another favourite, having looked at the collection last month.  They say…

“Mesmerize with ancient Metallic Malachite. Adorn and enhance your eyes with this hypnotic shimmering jewel-like formula, with absolute long lasting smudgeproof performance.

TIP:  For day use to brighten and open eyes, use Liquid Define or Black Smokey Eye Goddess pencil on lids and line lower lashes with a burst of brilliant Teal.”

Teal Malachite creates a effervescent statement. Its vivacious deep pigment will make eyes sparkle and pop with colour – this colour looks stunning at night! Created with a hint of metallic pearl, this ultra-defining eye liner is super versatile for day and night.

TIP:  For day use to brighten and open eyes, use Liquid Define or Black Smokey Eye Goddess pencil on lids and line lower lashes with a burst of brilliant Teal.”


Last but not least – a closer look at THE GODDESS MASCARA £17

As in…THE Mascara! Despite the massive number of mascaras on the market, finding that perfect mascara can be a bit like finding the Holy Grail but Eye of Horus has developed a formula that won’t run, smudge or clump and it strengthens and lengthens for ultimate “goddess lashes”. If you love a mascara that veers towards natural and is non-irritating, then this one’s probably got your name on it.

Like the rest of the range, this Moringa Oil-based Mascara is tear-proof and totally smudge proof and comes off really easily which is important if you don’t have the thickest of lashes.

Not only will Goddess Mascara coat your natural lashes and extensions, without clumping, and is gentle for sensitive eyes,  the volumising hourglass silicon brush with massed bristles and flexible wand makes it easy to control the volume and thickness, and puts you in control of your look.  Once dry – takes just seconds – it will last all day.

Removal is easy with a cloth warmed with water (yes, just that!) as the heat melts the waxes, or use your usual eye makeup remover or all over cleanser to sweep it off.


mascara eye of horus

 Once you’ve tried this you’ll know why it’s EOH’s hero (or should that be goddess?!) product.

Super gentle, this formula covers lashes beautifully, stays on all day, is smudge-proof, tear-proof and comes off in seconds.

eoh mirror

 Every Goddess needs one: EOH’s dual-sided compact mirror (one side is a mirror, the other’s a magnifying mirror!) 

About Eye of Horus

Aussie brand Eye of Horus range was inspired by and uniquely formulated in the style of the Ancient Egyptians with natural waxes and plant based ingredients including Carnauba, Candelia, Rice  Bran, Bees Wax & Organic Moringa Oil.  Moringa Oil was the precious and rare oil found in Tutankhamen’s tomb – it has over 1700 antioxidants and is renowned as a very effective natural conditioner for hair and skin.

The iconic EYE OF HORUS range of eye cosmetic products includes:

EOH’s high performance, award winning, and long lasting Goddess Mascara (one of our mascara favourites now, having tried this)

Smudge proof, tear proof Goddess Eye Pencils

The intense black, felt tip Liquid Define (loved this, it dries super fast and we found it really easy to apply)

The entire eye makeup range is naturally based. No Parabens.

You might also like…? The Isis Eye Palette, inspired by the colours of the Egyptian desert. £29. 95

eye palette

The Eye of Horus Isis eye shadow palette is a fusion of precious metals and Goddess shades, reminiscent of the hot Egyptian desert. The shades are: Enigma Myst (Pink),  Chalice Bronze (Bronze) and Sacred Husk (Brown).

The Isis palette pearl pigmented shadows were formulated to blend together and are baked, long-lasting and can be used dry or wet for a full-intensity pigment metallic finish, capturing the light and reflecting it for a multi-dimensional effect.

Luckily for us Brits, Eye of Horus has now landed in the UK! Explore away…


And you can check out the gorgeous images on the Eye of Horus Australian website HERE






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