Meet Marie Hill of BLOOM REMEDIES: Winner, 2013 Baby Awards

One of our favourite (tempted to put that in “caps”!) brands in our recent BABY AWARDS (Winner, Best Baby Balm 2013), Bloom Remedies  has become a real rising star in the natural beauty world.

BABY AWARDS Winner Beauty Shortlist 2013 feature

Selling a range of organic, honest products, we think the collection is just as beautiful as it is effective.  Not only is every product hand made in Cornwall by qualified aromatherapist Marie Hill, but Bloom harnesses nature’s finest ingredients to create quality skincare that cares.

bloom remedies

One of the best parts of all is that all of Bloom Remedies products are priced so they won’t dent your credit card – hurrah!  And right now you can get 15% OFF the entire Christmas gift range until Sunday, November 10th when you use “OCTGIFTS15″

But while we love Marie’s ultra-gentle range designed for mamas and babies (the vitamin-enriched Mama Tum Oil and the Beauty Shortlist award-winning Calendula and Chamomile Eczema Balm are two products which particularly impressed us), the rest of the Bloom range is special too.  Bloom also does a capsule collection for men so if you’re stuck for “his” Christmas stocking (or should that be technically “sock”) then head over here.


We caught up with Marie just after our Baby Awards to find out more about Bloom and what goes on behind the launch of a new natural brand.

 Meet Marie Hill, founder of British brand Bloom Remedies


Beauty Shortlist: Why did you start Bloom Remedies?

Marie: I wanted to create an apothecary brand that really drew on my knowledge of essential oils, that had a vintage feel, and that looked great and was affordable too.

Which is your biggest selling product and why do you think that is?

Our Daily Revive Moisturiser for mature or dry skin with Frankincense & Rose.  I think we do so well with this product because it contains some amazing essential oils, including Frankincense & Rose but also Sandalwood and the less well known Benzoin.  Both are great for the skin, particularly as the winter draws in.  The product is quite complex, and contains high quality herbal extracts and base oils including Carrot Root, and Seabuckthorn  –  great anti-agers and skin antioxidants; and Rosehip oil, Evening Primrose oil, and Jojoba oil which have a a great balancing effect on sebum product and are naturally enriched with Gamma Linolenic Acid and Vitamins A, C and E.  It smells amazing, and really works too.

daily revive

Daily Revive Cream with Frankincense & Rose – one of Bloom’s best sellers 

“I wanted to create an apothecary brand that really drew on my knowledge of essential oils, that had a vintage feel, and that looked great and was affordable too” – Marie Hill 


What would your top tips be for budding green beauty entrepreneurs?

Be passionate and authentic!  You really can’t fake it.  There are a lot of companies that are jumping on the green bandwagon, but our customer are a savvy and discerning bunch and aren’t easily fooled – I’m glad to say!


What are your top tips for caring for the skin in the winter?

Nourish & hydrate – both from within and without.  Most winter skins tend to suffer from dryness due to winter winds and heating systems.  Make sure you boost your usual routine with a facial oil or serum, or if you do find yourself suffering from random dry patches take action with a product that banishes dry breakouts like our organic Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang Rescue Balm.  Oh, and drink loads of water and keep your vitamin intake high – I love getting my Vitamin C by drinking fresh lemon juice first thing – keeps my skin clear and doubles up by boosting my immune system too.



What are your can’t-live-without products?  

My Frankincense & Rose Moisturiser, My Replenish Face Oil, and My Barefaced Beauty Bronzer.


What are you hoping to find in your Christmas stocking? 

A weekend spa voucher, for me myself and I – no hubbie or kids allowed!  I never get time alone, and need it every now and then to recharge.


Which beauty brands do you most admire?  

Too many to name!  I love the unusual oil and herbal combinations that Bodhi products bring to the table.  And I still have a very soft spot for Neals Yard as my aromatherapy background started with them.  I also really admire The Aromatherapy Company because of their understanding of the therapeutic power of essential oils.

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So, now with Christmas literally around a couple of corners, we thought we’d share some of our favourites.

(Don’t forget to enter OCTGIFTS15 to receive 15 per cent off until Sunday November 10th!)

First up…

Stocking Fillers and Gift Sets from £8

Perfect for Christmas stocking fillers is Bloom’s brand new range of utterly gorgeous (and affordable – prices start at just £8) gift sets.


Meet the mini balms!  Gift set £10

Our favourite is this Body Butter and Mini Balms set, £10 (above) which contains three of the company’s bestsellers to nourish the body – Orange, Cardamom and Geranium Body Butter; Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme Hand Balm; Peppermint and Lemongrass Foot Balm.

bloom gift set

We’d like to be waited on “Hand and Foot” this Christmas (correct – preferably by Gerard Butler or Orlando “Bloom”?) 

Hand & Foot Care Luxury Organic Set £19 (above)

Bloom’s hand & feet products in a luxe box, complete with wooden nail brush and pumice stone is a real beauty steal, one for the Christmas list?


Geranium, Cedarwood & Sweet Orange Shower Gel £7/100ml

Now on to Bloom’s brand new shower gel and bathing range, which is ideal for warming us up over the (99% guaranteed) cold and frosty winter months. Bloom’s ‘mood relaxing’ shower gel contains essential oils, including Sweet Orange and Geranium, which are known to calm the mind, while this invigorating shower gel (below) contains Ginger, Lemongrass and Lime to kick start the senses first thing.

ginger shower gel

Winter shower forecast: Ginger, Lemongrass & Lime £7

deep release muscle soak

This year’s warming winter-time treat, Deep Release Muscle Soak Bath Salts with Ginger, Lavandin and Rosemary essential oils, blended with Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts – keep these by the bath tub if you’re a “winter runner” or feel a cold coming on…

If you’re a new mum, a green beauty fan or you haven’t tried Bloom Remedies yet,  check out Marie’s scrumptious natural range on the new Bloom website. The packaging – recently re-designed to give a vintage vibe – is luxe, while the new site design evokes all the emotions which are so much a part of Bloom’s signature collection: calming, soothing and beautifully earthy.


Read more about Marie and how Bloom has blossomed at BLOOM REMEDIES “OUR STORY”

Winner, Best Baby Balm 2013

balm winner

This one’s a winner! 

 P.S If you are going to buy Xmas gifts, be sure to remember to include the code OCTGIFTS15 to enjoy 15 per cent off until Sunday November 10th!

natural bathing


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