The new Lavendula Collection for Christmas by ANCIENNE AMBIANCE

Lavendula Lavender Bath Body Gift Set

100% heaven if you’re a lavender fan

Pelting down in Plymouth and you’d rather be in Provence? We’ve been burning luxury London brand Ancienne Ambiance’s candles every winter for as long as we can remember but it’s the new Lavendula range out in time for Christmas that we’re smitten with at the moment!

Lovely Lavendula 

Everything in this range is superb to be honest, but the Bath Salts (£20) are 100% lavender heaven. Made from Epsom Salts, Sea Salt and Lavender organic essential oils, they do more than even we thought. (Aka bath, foot soak or even a scented body scrub/natural exfoliator if you mix them with olive oil – or you can probably come up with other ways of using them. Erm, don’t broadcast this but someone we know adds them to warm water when she hand washes her lingerie).

Did you know Lavender oil can help heal scars as well as being one of the most calming of all essential oils? It’s rich in aromatic molecules called esters, which are antispasmodic, pacifying and tonic, while other naturally-occurring molecules give it antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers.

For a top-quality, gently relaxing lavender bath, try Ancienne Ambiance’s lovely Lavendula Salts” – Sarah Barclay, YOU                                                                                               

lavandula travel kit

You might also like…? The £20 Travel Kit (above).  Aka goodbye airport stress, hello hotel bathroom!

Includes a Bath/Body Oil spray, luxury soap and Lavendula Bath Salts

“Lavender” comes from the Latin lavera, meaning to wash and it was first recorded by the ancient Egyptians who used it to produce soothing ointments and perfumes. If you’re a runner (like Elle magazine’s Amy Lawrenson who’s running one mile a day, every day, 365 of them – rain, shine, frost or snow) these uber-calming salts can help with muscle pain and soothe headaches and stress, while also helping to improve sleep quality and concentration. (Although frankly after one of these baths on a nippy UK evening it’s hard to concentrate on a book afterwards – goodnight, zzzz!)


The Winter Skin Soother: GODDESS ARGAN BODY OIL

One word. Gorgeous. Ancienne Ambiance’s divine natural Goddess Body Oil is one of the best argan oil body treatments we’ve ever used (VOGUE likes it too and it was a worthy 2013 Beauty Shortlist Awards finalist)

“Oh my word, am I in love with this stuff! Seriously, words fail me” –– Sam Hadadi, (review here)

Ancienne Ambiance’s argan is a particularly delicate oil in texture and it’s great for nails and cuticles, too (cue your “Moroccan mani” next weekend?).  You can use it to supercharge a day moisturiser or body lotion that feels a bit “light” for winter use by simply mixing a drop or two of Goddess Argan Oil  into your body lotion (or hand cream)  for extra protection against the elements.

Finally, definitely on our “to try” list is the Argan Hand and Body Wash which we’ve been hearing good things about, but haven’t tested it yet (it’s here).  Argan oil can also help knock eczema on the head, so if other things – including prescription creams – haven’t worked, give it a try because argan’s known in Morocco for its skin healing properties where they warm it a little and use it as a massage oil for aching muscles and strains and sprains.

Discover the rest of Ancienne Ambiance’s luxe London collection of home fragrance, bath and beauty at 

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