What’s a day in the life of The Beauty Shortlist like?  Like squeezing into a dress that’s too tight. Not enough hours in the day!

It’s much less glam than many people think, often spent fiddling around resizing photos as the minutes tick by, or fishing important emails out of an overflowing inbox.

“Given the chance I could quite easily spend the day Googling recipes for spicy Moroccan-style hummus and five-seed flatbread or watching Eric Lanlard baking his incredible cakes, so I had to come up with some strict working-from-home rules.”

99% of my day involves “taming the email dragon”, working with new brands to get them on to the media radar, juggling numerous freelance writing projects, testing a lot of products and writing about the ones that really “wow” the Beauty Shortlist team…but that pales by comparison with what goes on during the Beauty Shortlist Awards. They’re exhausting, fascinating, incredibly time-consuming and exhilarating. My mornings in late February until mid-March start at 5am and the day doesn’t end till about 9 or 10pm. Let’s just say “sleep is the ultimate luxury” – or rather “sleep is the ultimate goal” – by the end of them!

“I really respect the bloggers who post daily – that’s a big commitment.”

If you’re a blogger or beauty journalist starting out, or have ever wondered what life as a beauty writer is like, take a peek behind the scenes in “A Day In The Life Of The Beauty Shortlist”  which appears in The Good Web Guide this month.

How do you manage the too little time, too much to do issue? If you have a good tip, tell us below, or Tweet me at @BeautyShortlist!


The third annual Beauty Shortlist Awards take place next March and entries open on 28 October 2013. Full details along with the official Entry Form will be posted on the dedicated 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards page on or before 28/10/13.




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