LEGOLOGY Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs

Cellulite and oedema, the two ugly sisters of beautiful legs, may have met their match (haha!) in the form of Legology’s new Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs.

Nobody in the beauty world knows legs better than Telegraph beauty editor Kate Shapland (aka The Legologist) and the first product from her new Legology brand is already making a name for itself as a) a new saviour/staple “at home” treatment for those of us not blessed with perfect pins; b) one of those beauty heroes that has us wondering how most of us have survived without it? And it only just launched (exclusively) at Liberty’s last month.


Air-Lite cream’s cooling ‘Thermo-Lite’ sensation and refreshing ‘Capri Crush’ lemon scent tone and re-energise the ankle and leg area while two new complexes, Pro-Contour and LegActif, deliver effective lipolytic draining and circulation stimulating benefits through key ingredients caffeine, centella asiatica leaf extract, ruscus aculeatus root (Jew’s Myrtle) extract, golden rod and citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel extracts.


Good drainage is the key to healthy legs and each jar of Air-Lite comes with specific massage techniques for the ankles, calves, knees and thighs (also including your bum). At the end of these rituals your legs should feel warm and energised, look pink, feel toned, supple to touch and feel lighter and more refreshed.


“Oedema” (or “edema” in American English) originates from the Greek word oidema which means swelling which can be caused by water retention because one of the functions of our lymphatic system is to drain excess fluid from our tissues. Meanwhile on the cellulite battle front (as anyone who’s fought the cellulite war knows), that not-great-on-the-beach (or anywhere near underwear) pitted orange peel look on skin can be ridiculously stubborn to shift.

Need a lift?


Legology’s new Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs is available through MyShowcase Stylists and online from 23 October 2013. See more at: MyShowcase or sprint over to Liberty London to read up on it there. 


Legology says: Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs is a new generation cream that works to liberate the lymph, delivering deep drainage benefits to heavy legs.  It discourages cellulite and oedema,  refreshes and works to tone and tighten the entire leg, from ankle to buttock, making your legs so light you almost feel you could fly. 

PS: Those of us who’ll be trekking around the January sales, or are on our feet for most of the day (day in, day out) take note, because there’s a limited run of 500 jars available through stylists and in store, exclusively at Liberty’s and from Liberty London online.

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Need a lift?  A breath of fresh air for legs.

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