Introducing FRUVEJU, the fresher, better-for-you Juice Cleanse

When’s the best time to do a juice cleanse? New raw juice cleanse programme FRUVEJU suggests four times a year (seasonally) is good – or even better, do a 3-day cleanse once a month.  Our bodies are constantly processing the toxins created by digestion, breathing and our emotions, not to mention the myriad of toxins that filter into our systems “from the outside” including what we eat, what we breathe in, what we drink and put on our skin.

At home detoxes are quickly becoming the detox du jour, hot on the heels of the classic detox retreat and Soil Association-certified newcomer FRUVEJU CLEANSE created by Vanessa Valdez caught our eye this month because it’s different. (Plus, FRUVEJU has a 30% OFF offer on at the moment until November 5th, which includes FREE London delivery  – you’ll find the discount code below).

Detoxing isn’t new. Cleansing rituals date back to ancient times and they were often part of a religious ceremony, as our ancestors believed that a cleansed body equals a clearer, more enlightened mind.

“The toxic foods and drinks people (unwittingly) consume sabotage the body’s ability to maintain a healthy balance of energy, which turns them into zombies. Functional zombies, maybe, but zombies all the same” – Vanessa Valdez, founder of Fruveju Cleanse

30% off and free London delivery until Nov 5

Here’s why FRUVEJU is different:

FRUVEJU’s 5 signature juices  are cold-pressed and processed in a way that makes them more potent:

1)       FRUVEJU Cleanse juices flood the cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and heal your body without the harsh ‘detox’ symptoms associated with other cleanses on the market such as non-organic juices that offer supplements of herbal, pills and powders

2)      FRUVEJU Cleanse juices are raw, unprocessed, and contain no preservatives –  never cooked or frozen, and pressed fresh each day using the Norwalk juicer which outclasses all others because it’s estimated to extract at least 5 or 6 times more nutrients than the centrifugal juicers used in most juice bars and at home, and the juice is so fine and pulp-free it’s absorbed into your blood stream to feed your cells within 10 – 15 minutes.

3)      Importantly, no heat is used during the juicing process and there is minimal oxidation which means that FRUVEJU live juices stay potent and fresh, allowing live enzymes to stay intact for three days when kept chilled. The juices last for 3 days.

Meet The “5 Fruvejus”

There are five signature juice blends in the FRUVEJU range from a supergreens-packed Pure Greens to a delicious vanilla Cashew Milk and before you begin this cleanse, Vanessa recommends preparing your body for it, so it’s a good idea to cut out meat, dairy, flour, caffeine, processed foods with preservatives and – no surprise! – alcohol and cigarettes.

Choose your 1, 3 or 5 Day Cleanse

First, CHOOSE YOUR CLEANSE from the 3 Cleanse Programmes – Explore, Extend, Evolve.  Drink one juice every two hours during your one, three or five day cleanse, with your last juice of the day two hours before bed. The 5 Fruveju Cleanse juices are:

Cashew Milk cashew nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut nectar – filtered water

red pineapple

Red Pineapplepineapple, red apple, carrots, beets, ginger

spicy lemonade

Spicy Lemonadelemon, cayenne pepper, coconut nectar – filtered water


Watermelimewatermelon and lime


Pure Greenskale, lemon, ginger, celery, spinach, cucumber, green apple, spring greens

“The aim is to allow your body to heal and detoxify by using the energy that is normally used in digestion. You are still supplying your body with the required nutrients but in a very easily absorbed form” – Vanessa Valdez

Explore the 5 Fruveju Juices HERE 


Each of the 5 juices contains what Fruveju calls the “Raw Materials”, specially chosen healing, balancing, energy-boosting nutrient-rich ingredients which work together to cleanse and repair your body – read up on them HERE


jessica graze

Fruveju have scored quite a coup by appointing Jessica Scott as their on board nutrition expert.  Jessica is also head of nutrition at the UK’s best-known supplier of healthy snacks delivered to your postbox and whether you have just finished your cleanse or just want to get your health back on track, Jessica will work with you to create a bespoke plan tailored specifically to your needs. More on Jessica 


Fruveju also offers special Bride Cleanse and Group and Corporate Rates, for more info please contact


vanessaFruveju founder Vanessa Valdez

Yoga, fashion and food are three of Vanessa’s big passions.  A graduate of The London College of Fashion, with a BA in Fashion Management, she drew her inspiration from some of the best international juice-cleanse brands to create FRUVEJU’s optimum nutrition raw juices especially for the UK market. 

Read more about Vanessa and the FRUVEJU story HERE 


FRUVEJU is offering a 30% discount until November 5th! 

You’ll get 30% OFF plus free shipping (in London). Simply use the coupon code FRUVEJUYEAH when you place your order.

The FRUVEJU Juice Cleanse starts at £70 for the one-day cleanse and you can find out more about Fruveju’s potent but gentle at home juice cleanse programme at FRUVEJU.COM 

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