Perfumes for peace makers: The 7 Virtues Fragrance Collection arrives at Selfridges

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We have a whole lotta love for The 7 Virtues. If these fragrances are new to you, what’s not to love about a brand that doesn’t just “give back” – it actually actively, very proactively, promotes peace, productivity and the chance for natural perfume oil suppliers in war ravaged countries to rebuild through making a living contributing to something quite beautiful.

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“Make Perfume Not War”

– Barb Stegemann, CEO, The 7 Virtues

“Make Perfume Not War”

Barb Stegemann, CEO, The 7 Virtues, has a mantra – and we’ve adopted it! It’s no coincidence that her most famous scent Middle East Peace was launched on International Peace Day last year (21 September) and it’s no coincidence that The 7 Virtues launches exclusively in the UK at that most fabulous of London flagship stores, Selfridges, in two days’ time, on 21st in honour of United Nations International Peace Day 2013.

Mr Selfridge would have approved, we’re sure (and we think Jane Fonda would, too…)

“Your support for Haiti’s vetiver oil producers and our ongoing dedication to fair market sourcing is a great example of doing well in business by doing good for the world”    

– Bill Clinton

This award-winning (as in multiple with a capital “M”) brand is Barb’s inspiration-come-to-fruition. She had promised her best friend, a soldier wounded while serving in the Canadian forces in Afghanistan that she would carry the flag for his mission while he healed from a horrifying injury.

“I promised Captain Greene I would take on his mission of economic empowerment in Afghanistan while he healed,” she says. “ I realized I didn’t have a way, so I created a new way, I buy the legal orange blossom and rose oils from the farmers in Afghanistan to support and encourage them to stop growing the illegal poppy crop and I make perfume with it. This partnership with Selfridges will help us greatly on our mission to ignite a cavalry of businesses to come and do trade with nations rebuilding to reverse issues of poverty and war.”

Selfridges says….

“Everyone wants Middle East Peace. The 7 Virtues’ ambrosial blend of sweet grapefruit essential oil of Israel with the lime and basil essential oils of Iran”

custom blend box

Launching in honour of International Day of Peace , The 7 Virtues Custom Blend Box £66 contains all four award-winning fragrances made with natural essential oils from nations which are rebuilding. 

Create your own signature peace fragrance by combining the scents.

(The 7 Virtues fragrances are all paraben free, phthalate free and vegan)

“An incredible story of help and hope – these are fragrances that people will want to wear”

– Selfridges


Sometimes, though, you need a guardian angel to launch a dream – money can’t buy love, but you need the money to get your project off the ground. After Barb was named Top Game Changer in the history of Canada’s own Dragon’s Den, she got the investment she was waiting for from Canadian philanthropist W. Brett Wilson – and that was the launch pad for her gorgeous fragrances “for good.”

Stegemann got back from Haiti recently on an Agricultural Trade mission with President Clinton (no less) and The Clinton Foundation, where she sources what is perfume gurus consider the best Vetiver essential oil in the world for her Vetiver of Haiti fragrance.

bill clinton and barb stegman

She’ll be at Selfridges on Saturday 21 September for the big launch on International Peace Day and Selfridges will have the very special Custom Blend Box available which contains the four mini spray fragrances – a brilliant gift for a friend who lives and breathes fragrance (or buy the box, keep one and give the other three to three friends to spread the love!)

It’s an unlikely weapon in the war… wrapped in a powder pink box, flowery, and for sale soon at a high-end beauty shop near you” – Globe & Mail

Here are the beautiful four…


Eau de Parfum 50ml/£54 – now in the UK and exclusively at Selfridges 

Selfridges says….”Everyone wants Middle East Peace. The 7 Virtues’ ambrosial blend of sweet grapefruit essential oil of Israel with the lime and basil essential oils of Iran”


Selfridges says…”Noble Rose of Afghanistan is named after the farmers in Afghanistan who choose to grow the legal crops of rose instead of the poppy crop. There are 178 hand picked petals in each bottle”

rose afghanistan


Selfridges says…Vetiver of Haiti eau de parfum by The 7 Virtues is made with natural vetiver essential oil to support farmers in Haiti to rebuild. The 7 Virtues travelled to Haiti with the Clinton Foundation to source this precious vetiver, considered the best in the world. For men and women, an eco-chic warm scent fitting for the cool fall and winter



Selfridges says…Winner of the Top Game Changer title on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in Canada, the Afghanistan Orange Blossom eau de parfum by The 7 Virtues was inspired by the CEO’s best friend, a soldier who served in Afghanistan. The 7 Virtues pays above market value for this precious oil to help Afghan farmers grow legal crops of orange blossom instead of the poppy. A light, joyous scent, popular for the work place.

Pop into Selfridges this Saturday, 21st September and meet Barb Stegemann and discover these exquisite and life-changing fragrances for yourself…

orange blossom

Celebrate International Peace Day on 21/09/2013 with a perfume for peace makers


 Saturday 21 September 2013



DISCOVER THE 7 VIRTUES, now available exclusively in the UK only at SELFRIDGES 


Read more about Barb’s amazing mission in Telegraph Magazine  

WATCH this clip where Barb tells the story behind her perfumes, on Bloomberg TV


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