What’s new at NYR ORGANIC? We catch up with Penny Bradley


Neal’s Yard Remedies is best known for their Soil Association-certified beauty and health products but what you might not know is that they have a team of over 5,000 Independent Consultants spreading the word in the UK about their iconic blue bottles, as part of NYR Organic which is the direct selling arm of the business.

We caught up for a quick chat with Penny Bradley a few days ago to find out more about her work as a NYR Organic Group Leader – and of course we had to quiz her about her three favourite Neals Yard Remedies products (see below!)

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What attracted you to NYR Organic, Penny? And what made you decide to join?

I first came across the NYR Organic opportunity at the Beauty show at the NEC in May 2011. The beautiful blue bottles were familiar as I had once received a gift set as a present, and I remembered how lovely the products were. My re-acquaintance with the brand couldn’t have come at a better time as I was starting to look for truly organic products to incorporate into my therapy treatments after trying several so called ‘natural products’ over the last few years, which weren’t quite the right fit.

But it wasn’t only the products that attracted me to join the NYR Organic team – Neal’s Yard Remedies is a British, family owned company with over 30 years of heritage; its products are aromatherapy based, which, as an aromatherapist, really appealed to me; I loved that there was something for every skin type, and the products are backed by The Soil Association accreditation.

And as a bonus there was no pressure to join, no minimum orders to get started, and it was only £95 to become a consultant – a very small price to pay to start my own business.

“Until September 30th, it is only £45 to join the business with a fabulous Frankincense Mini Kit and I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

– Penny Bradley, NYR Organic Group Leader 

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What is your position now, and how did you get there?

I started my journey with NYR Organic as an Independent Consultant, and now I’m a Group Leader with approximately 250 people in my team. In the beginning, my team began to grow when clients fell in love with the products after I used them in their treatments.

However, despite initially never intending to do parties, I changed my mind (very reluctantly at first!) when some of my clients requested them. I was absolutely terrified but I have met so many wonderful people at parties, and after spreading the message about Neal’s Yard Remedies, they often joined my team too!

Some buy just for themselves and their families, others run busy party plan businesses and there are also many therapists in my team who use the products in their treatments, just as I do.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve achieved with NYR Organic?

This is a difficult question to answer as I have experienced so many exciting things on my journey with NYR Organic. Some experiences that I’ll never forget are winning an incentive to have tea at the Ritz and winning an Organic Christmas lunch at Sheepdrove Organic Farm which is owned by Peter Kindersley, owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies.

I was honoured recently to be asked to speak at the NYR Organic conference UK about my journey with NYR Organic. This was certainly exciting, but a little nerve wracking too! Of course the money I’ve earned with NYR Organic has given me some great experiences as well. As my team grows, and my income from NYR Organic increases I can treat myself and my family to some really exciting things –  this year I took my teenage kids to Australia to visit one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen for 5 years!


Why is choosing organic so important to you?

Choosing organic for myself and my family gives me the reassurance that I am limiting the toxins and chemicals which enter the body via the skin. Since joining NYR Organic, every day I learn more and more about making healthy choices and I’m proud to say that my household has become chemical free!

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Would you recommend the NYR Organic opportunity to others?

I would most definitely recommend this opportunity to others – your NYR Organic business is actually unlimited, with the potential to earn substantial amounts of money! Whether you’re a therapist like myself looking to make the change to organic in your treatments, a stay at home mum wanting a job that fits around your family life, or just looking for a little bit of extra money to help you through the holiday season, it’s an opportunity that works around your lifestyle.

If you’re passionate about organic living like I am, nothing feels better than spreading the word about healthy beauty and sharing the fantastic ethos on which Neal’s Yard Remedies has been built. The support and training I have received from the business has been so helpful and always keeps me motivated. From how to run a party, to advanced team member recruitment – everything is covered.

As a bonus, I am having a fantastic time sharing these fabulous products with people. The consultants in my team are passionate about NYR products and as I work alongside many of them, I feel blessed to be part of this great NYR family!

Until September 30th, it is only £45 to join the business with a fabulous Frankincense Mini Kit and I can’t recommend it highly enough!   (If you’d like to join Penny’s team, visit her website www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/pennybradley)


OK now for the burning question Penny! What are your top 3 favourite products?

My top 3? Very difficult this one as I like everything, but probably…
Number 1: The Orange Flower Facial Oil – I love neroli essential oil because it’s so uplifting. It’s also great to moisturise my face and neck, giving me the uplifting aroma of orange flowers.

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Number 2: Wild Rose Beauty Balm – I love the texture and aroma, the way it makes my skin feel the morning after I have slept with it on my skin, it really has the comfort factor!

NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Number 3: The newly launched Frankincense Intense which I have been using in the last 10 days, and I can see a difference in my skin already!


NYR’s brand new age-defying, plant stem cell technology cream is already flying off the shelves: Frankincense Intense 

Click here to find out more about plant stem cell research and why it’s a beauty breakthrough


If you’re thinking about becoming a NYR Organic consultant, you can join before September 30th for the special price of just £45 which will get you started – and you’ll receive NYR Organic’s new Frankincense Mini Kit!

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  1. very informative post, and also a diverse range of products on offer. Many thanks for sharing this.

  2. Terry Quinn says:

    A fabulous read. I recently joined Pennys team actually, and she is a very inspiring lady, and her passion for NYR Organic is contagious. The products are just amazing, and I tell everyone I meet about them.

    Its great to hear how you have grown within NYR Organics, and it inspires me to try to accomplish something similar

    Keep up the great work